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આશા ઓ મુર્ઝાયેલા ફુલ ની જેમ છે વિખેરાઈ,
લાગે છે જીન્દગી હવે છે સમેટાઈ !!

વિચાર્યુ હતુ આવુ થશે, તેવુ થશે પણ,
લાગે છે જીન્દગી હવે અંધકાર મા જશે લપેટાઈ !!

બુઝી ગયા છે દિપ પ્રેમ ના,
અંધકાર ફેલાયા છે બેવફા ના વિરહ ના !! 

જાણીતા થઈ ગયા અજાણ્યા,
રહિ નથી હવે કોઇ ને પણ માયા !!

હેરાન છુ હુ, પરેશાન છુ હુ,
આજ મૌત નથી તોહ શુ છે આ ??

નફરતો જ છે અહિ,
છે પ્રેમ ની કમી,
જીન્દગી છે કાંટા થી ભરેલી,
બસ હવે છે એ અશ્રુ ઓ મા વહેલી !!

કોણ જાણે શુ શોધી રહ્યો છુ હુ હવે,
કોણ જાણે ક્યા નિકળી પડયો છુ હુ હવે  ??

- હિતાર્થ

The Long Lasting Link

When I was a Child, 
I felt a little different from all the others, 
I knew there was something Greatest and most Valuable thing in my life, 
as I had one of the Worlds finest and Greatest Parents. 

And in truth, that's how it was for me growing up, 
Nursery, school years, graduation and Now a New Venture, 
You were always there for me, 
and I\'m certainly Proud of It. 

I remember it was 5th May 2000, within few Seconds Worlds doors were closed for me, 
But One man was Standing Rock Steady Behind Me, 
Having a great faith me and saying: " You can Do It" 
It was You and only You. 

And ever since that moment, 
I have felt truly complete, 
and that\'s a hard feeling to explain, 
but it\'s one I know that\'s hard to beat. 

And every cloud has a silver lining, 
and in my case, i have two, 
because I also have a sweet little Sister , 
and Shanky, I'm very proud of you as well. 

Now i know that Life isn't always that easy, 
and things dont always go as you would have planned, 
sometimes there's neither rhyme nor reason, 
and sometimes all you can do is "Just Do It"!!! 

And mere distance may separate us, 
mere distance keep us apart, 
just know that you're forever in my thoughts, 
and yes, we\'re joined together at the heart. 

And I\'m sorry I can't be there today, 
I know that you'll forgive my absence, 
because Forgiveness,compassion and Humbleness are the qualities 
that you've never lacked. 

So, Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary, Dearest Mom and Dad, 
that\'s really what these words are for, 
I'm glad that we are a Long-Lasting link, 
just know that I'll love you for evermore.

Missing CK

This is for my Best Friend, Who is no longer with me - CK 

When you are just out of reach, I can't help but cry
When I scream out into the dark, And hear only an echo.
I know your not with me.
I\'m alone again.

You were everything, My very best friend.

I miss you so much that even time can't heal the break.
The booze numbed the pain but, even now, it still can\'t stop the hurt.

It wasn't fair.
It wasn't fair that i was outcasted from everyone else.
It wasn't fair that i am actually coming to know about it at later stage.
It wasn't fair that i didn\'t get what was i promised.
And it wasn't fair that you never told me what i kept on asking you.

I’m listening to Akon and other songs you gave to me
It’s one of the few things I have to use for incitation of my memory.
I know you care, but do you care enough to still think of the times we shared?
Are you asking yourself the same questions that have same unanswered answers?
Are you seeing the little reminder’s that have always been around?
No matter what, I can assure you that, for you, I’ll always be there.

Because living without you is pure hell.
I want to talk to you.
I want to see you.
I want to hold you in my arms and I want you to tell me that everything is going to be OK.
I want you to hold me in your arms and I want to tell you that CK is still the Best.

Life is a bitch, and only the lucky die young.

Tamas - The Darkness

તમસ છે, તમસ છે
જિંદગી મા તમસ છે.

ફરી વળ્યા છે પાણી આરઝુ ઓ ઉપર,
હ્દયની હર એક જૂસ્તજુ મા તમસ છે.

નડે છે ગૃહણ સૂરજને પણ્,
એની પણ આગળ અન્તરીક્ષ મા તમસ છે.

તે એક વાત કિધી ગઈકાલે,
છવાયેલો મારા માનસપટ ઉપર તમસ છે.

તોલાયો છુ તારી વાતો ના વમળો મા,
તારી એ વાતો ની મંઝીલે તમસ છે.

મીચાઈ છે આંખો મારી તારી યાદો મા,
એ મૃત્યુ નુ બીજુ નામ જ તમસ છે.

- હિતાર્થ