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Wear Sunscreen

Wear Sun Screen,

Brothers and Sisters - How true it is said in this Video.

Someday we will make it true. We would stop fighting with each other. We would see more unity than ever on this earth.

Everybody would be able to enjoy their part of Sun Screen. Enjoy every moment of you life. Dont worry about troubles that you face. Because sometime you stay ahead, sometimes you are behind. And race continues. Whatever you do, do it with your own style.

Someday will come when there would be -












Help each other, this is our time. This is the only advice i can give to you.  Enjoy your Oneness.

Someday we will reach there...

Amitabh Speaks

Bhajami Hatkeshwaram

Jai Hatkesh - is the symbol of us Nagars

  • The Kalam (pen) represents the intellect and scholarship of Nagars.
  • The Kadchhi (ladle or tool) represents the loyalty, service, and religious fervor of Nagars.
  • The Barchhi (small spear) represents the defense, dignity, and bold courage of Nagars. 

ललाटनेत्रमिन्दुना विराजमानशेखरम्।
लसद्विभुतिभुषितं फणीन्द्रहारमीश्वरं
नमामि नाटकेश्वरं भजामि हाटाकेश्वरम् ।।१।।

पुरान्धकादिदाहकं मनोभवप्रदाहकं
महधराशिनाशकम् भीप्सितार्थदायकम्।
जगत्रयैककार्कं विभारकं विदारकं
नमामि नाटकेश्वरं भजामि हाटाकेश्वरम् ।।२।।

मदीय मानस्थले सदास्तु ते पदद्वयं
मदीय वक्त्रपंकजे शिवेति चाक्षरद्वयम्।
मदीय लोचनाग्रतः सदाऽ्र्धचन्द्रविग्रह
नमामि नाटकेश्वरं भजामि हाटाकेश्वरम् ।।३।।

भजन्ति हाटकेश्वरं सुभक्तिभावेतोऽ्त्रये
भवन्ति हाटकेश्वराः प्रमाणमत्र नागराः
धनेन तेजसाऽ्धिका कुलेन चाखिलोन्नताः
नमामि नाटकेश्वरं भजामि हाटाकेश्वरम् ।।४।।

सदा शिवोऽ्हमित्य हर्निशं भजेत यो जनः
सदा शिवं करोति तं न संशयोऽ्त्र कश्चन।
अहो दयालुता महेश्वरस्य दॄश्यतां बुधाः
नमामि नाटकेश्वरं भजामि हाटाकेश्वरम् ।।५।।

धराधरात्मजापते त्रिलोचनेश शंकर
गिरीश चन्द्रशेखराहिराजभुशणेश्वर।
महेश नन्दिवाहनेति संटन्नहर्निशं
नमामि नाटकेश्वरं भजामि हाटाकेश्वरम् ।।६।।

महेश पाहि मं मुदा गिरीश पाहि मं सदा
भवार्णवे निमज्जत त्वमेव मेंऽ्सि तारकः।
करावलम्बनं झटित्यहोऽ्धुना प्रदीयतां
नमामि नाटकेश्वरं भजामि हाटाकेश्वरम् ।।७।।

धराधरेश्वश्वरं शिवं निधीश्वरेश्वरं
सुरासुरेश्व्रं रमापतीश्वरं महेश्वरे।
प्रचण्ड्चण्डिकेश्वरं विनीतनन्दिकेश्वरं
नमामि नाटकेश्वरं भजामि हाटाकेश्वरम् ।।८।।

हाटकेशस्य भक्तया यो हाटकेशाष्टकं पठेत।
हाटकेशप्रसादेन हाटकेश्न्वानुयात।।

My Baby

Being in Web Development industry i have a dream of producing finest website in the world.

Although all websites are not 100% perfect and not all are versatile from Web Standards point of view. I want to produce one which satisfies both of these issues. I am in process of development of my own personal website. Hope to see “My Baby” (I call it my baby) in web world soon.

Looking at it at present it looks so beautiful. Although i have managed to produce only half of it but still it feels i have achieved and done the best i could do for it. Since past 3 months i had been working 2 jobs and hardly was able to give time to my baby. But one of my contract job is about to end this month. I will be free for it and nurture it the way i want it to be.

“My Baby” - It will contain Blogs on all my philosophical think tanks bombardings, my opinion on the religions of the world, my thoughts about this world and universe, my achievements (both Academic and Non-Academic) and also my literary works which are only with me since i started writing at age of 14. I have an inner desire that “My Baby” is launched by the oldest member in my family - My Grandpa. But that will not happen as i am away from my family. Still i believe it may take 3-4 months time for it to be completed and i may go home for its launch ceremony.

And lastly, i dont know about others babies but My Baby would be the finest.


ન તો કંપ છે ધરાનો, ન તો હું ડગી ગયો છું,
કોઈ મારો હાથ ઝાલો, હું કશુંક પી ગયો છું.

જો કહું વિનમ્રભાવે તો સૂરજ સુધી ગયો છું
કે નજરનો તાપ જોવા હું નયન લગી ગયો છું.