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Snake Entering House Omen

14th January 2017; a Snake tried to enter our house and was just inches away from our front door. I was surprised to find a Green Tree Snake (That is what i think it was as i am not a Snake expert) at our front door. It had his head held high and rest of its tail on the door steps. As i opened the door it became cautious and started to realize someone is around. I slammed the door as i saw it (so that it doesnt enter the house) and opened a window nearby to see where does it goes. As i opened the window with net, me and my wife saw it slipped through the compound and entered our neighbours house. We alerted our neighbour as they have young kids often playing in their front yard. However, we couldnt find it afterwards.

As this event turned out in the afternoon (around 5pm) i was very thoughtful by the evening. 14th January 2008 is when my grandfather passed away around the same time the snake appeared this year after 9 years. I was very close to my grandfather as a kid. I am also very much aware about the snake omens, astrology and spritual side of things. Snake always suggests transformations and change due to its natural characteristics of shedding its own skin. Spiritually it also holds an important space as it represents healing. And that is why it stuck to me that this could be a message that a change is about to happen. 

My life has been stuck lately as myself and my wife are saving money to build our own house. My wife is struggling to get into a job which inturn is preventing us to get a decent loan from the banks. We moved into this house a little over an year ago thinking that there may be good job opportunities in this area. However we still found it difficult to cope with it. So after this event of snake trying to enter our house i was pretty sure a good change is about to come. I googled this and found that if a snake is trying to enter your house it brings wealth.

After this event, on 6th February 2017 my Car Honda Jazz 2004 model suddenly broke down. I took it to the insurance people who suggested that it is no longer roadworthy and to write off the car for A$5000. I thought this is a good deal so i agreed. Within a week, I bought a brand new car Suzuki Baleno with a bit of help from the money i had saved for my house. I almost travel 100kms a day (to and fro) for my work so car was a necessity. In next few days my wife got a call for an Interview. She was offered the job which will inturn help us getting a loan to meet our goals within a year or so. I had almost lost all hopes as we were struggling very badly. I am not sure if this is how it was going to happen but this snake omen which i have heard and is out there on google has seriously worked and is about to transform lives of my little family (Me, My wife and my cute little 2.5 year old son). So our life is drastically about to change in a very short span of time from the time we saw snake early in this year. Life indeed is transforming in a beautiful and positive way.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: What more needs to be done

It has been a little over one year since Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Movement) on 2nd October 2014. This campaign aims to be run for 5 years till 2nd October 2019 and clean India by 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

To see how government is serious about this campaign, they are building public toilets across the country, nominating and involving celebrities and politicians to help create an awareness among general public. 12 Crore toilets will be built in next 5 years across the country. They have been successful in achieving this to a certain extent. However, much needs to be done still. Some have criticized this campaign as this was already existing from previous governments and known as -Nirmal Bharat campaign. But i wont comment on that as it is off topic.

In my view, it may take a few more generations to achieve its full objectives. But the way our PM has been working and taking a keen interest in this initiative himself is just very symbolic unlike his predecessors. Although this campaign has been run tirelessly by teachers of various schools and other public figures but we need to understand this. We cant achieve this without combined efforts of all. We as general public has to understand that although government makes laws and campaigns, but we ourselves also need to follow it. How many of us wait to find a dustbin to chuck rubbish instead of just throwing it on the roads ? We need to ask ourselves are we really doing it ? Forget about waiting to find a dustbin, we dont even stop at zebra crossing when pedestrians are crossing. It is pedestrians right to cross the zebra crossing and person riding the vehicle has to stop till all pedestrians cross it. But how many of us obey this law ?

Yes, it is very hard to manage many things when we are so large in numbers but we will have to help ourselves to achieve these things rather than blaming governments every now and then. First of all, as a law abiding citizens we need to make sure that we chuck the rubbish in appropriate dustbins placed by respective authorities. It will be unfair to criticize government when we ourselves dont abide by laws and rules. Authorities on other hand also need to make sure a public dustbin is placed at regular intervals in cities, towns and villages. They also need to make sure that proper arrangements are put in place to clean those dustbins regularly. This has to be implemented from very low level at Grampanchayats to Municipal Corporations. Councils needs to give dustbin removal facilities to the respective households weekly from their areas so that people dont throw liquid and other household waste on roads. This is when a sense of cleanliness will prevail in general public. Similarly, government authorities are building these toilets but it is us who need to understand that we need to use it  and dont liter anywhere we like. Otherwise every effort will go in vain and a total waste of tax payers money.

Other most important thing we need to do to make happen this initiative work is to keep stray animals off the roads. We can definately make humans realize the importance of cleanliness but not stray animals. We need to keep Cows, Buffaloes, Bulls, Goats, Dogs, Pigs etc off our roads. And i really mean it. We dont touch Cows, Bulls as they have religious importace. Are we for real ? Living in 21st century among animals ? Stray dogs have been a big nuisance in our locality where i live. They bark and run behind two wheelers at night time and most importantly they are very large in numbers in a group. We would never achieve cleanliness unless we do this one thing to remove animals off our roads. Our government has to build proper veterinary centres where such animals can be looked and cared after. Such centres needs to be in every village, town and city. On other hand cowherds and others also need to understand that they cant set free cows on roads once it stops giving milk. This is a normal practise among people who owns these cattles and a very seriously neglected one. Government should also run a campaign where each person registers their pets, cattles with them and than other left stray animals can be put into veterinary centres to put them off the roads.

Hope to see this happening one day in our country. Lets take a pledge to make it happen and help government achieve this. It has been great beginning otherwise. It is easy for me to write on website but it has to be our collective effort to achieve this.

Vande Mataram.
Jai Hind.

P.S. These are just my views and not to criticize Governemnt or other opposition political parties on what is being done and what needs to be done. No blame games. 

What happens to Soul after Death ?

What happens to Soul after Death ?

Almost all religions and spiritual processes have tried to explain this by their own theories and beliefs systems, in their own way. This post is not to evaluate those teachings or knowledge that already exists. Today i am going to share something which i personally realized a few years ago.

We went to a place called Chanod on banks of Narmada River for Asthi Visarjan of my grandfather in January 2008. As we were preparing for our rituals to begin, we saw a man was being treated by some pandits. Our brahmin pandits said to not pay attention to them as the man who was being treated had been possessed by some bad soul. This lead to questions in my mind as to what really happens after Soul departs from the body. One of the Brahmin pandits we had was fairly young in his 40s and understood why i am questioning this. He gave me a book he had and advised me to read certain section in it.

As our ritual of Asthi Visarjan was suppose to continue all day long, i started reading the book, originally in Sanskrit and translated in Hindi. Below is small summary and logically explains above question to a certain extent -

Soul after death takes any form it comes in contact with. Normally, it comes directly in contact with Wind or Air. It said that soul is about 21 grams in weight and is size of human thumb. It remains and mixes with air after death.

The air when travels from place to place the soul is taken to different layers of atmosphere. When it reaches clouds, it then takes form of cloud when it comes in contact with clouds. It then pours down with rains by mixing itself in cloud water.

It is then absorbed into soil when it touches down earth. This water when sucked by roots of trees it penetrates stems, flowers, fruits, leaf etc of that tree.

These flowers, fruits, leaf when consumed by a pregnant woman, it gives life to the development process taking place in the womb. So this way the soul cycles revolves in the nature. However, a soul can penetrate any living being in this case. Not necessary that a soul which was in human in previous birth will be born human only. This way Karma process is evaluated.

This is the most logical reasoning i have come across so far. However, i am not a learned veda person. But it was a very interesting read and was good to know about this mystic topic. Hope you all enjoyed it.


God Men vs God Realized Beings

India has been a land where there was tremendous spiritual awakening at certain stage of human kind. Several God Men incidently were born at the same time in the history. These God Men were no ordinary men. They were self realized god men. Very few in history has attained such a state of God realization. According to ancient Sanatan Dharma, there is no God in heavens. God is right here inside you, dead. It is upto an individual to awaken this godliness and work for humanity in general. In ancient world to awaken this we had certain paths to attain this state eg. Kriya Yoga, Hath Yoga, etc. 

Men in ancient era would go to forests. Undergo severe training sessions with a help of a Guru and try his level best to attain such a state. This was because it was very comfortable to go away from worldly worries in forest and practice such a thing. But there was no hard and fast rule to attain such a state of being. There are certain cases in history as well of men attaining and realizing such a state of mind while living in society around people. Krishna, Rama, Parshurama etc all accelerated in achieving such a state of being while living within the social barriers.

Years have now passed of existence of these methods of attaining God realization. Various different methods have also evolved and created by such God realized being over the time and are in practice. eg. Kriya Yoga, Hath Yoga etc of ancient time and Sudarshan Kriya, Transdental Meditation etc of modern times. Such men also created various philosophies of their own which are now followed by people as a separate religions. eg. Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, etc. 

I wont go much deeper into all techniques, methods and philosophies here but had to mention them as they were created by one such God realized soul.

However in modern times we have a problem. There are too many God men in the society today and far too less God realized men. These God men are self proclaimed who ask money in charity to build Ashrams and also does charity in return. There is no real sense of God realization happening in the society. No doubt they are applauded for their charity work but they are not doing the things they meant to be doing i.e. awakening self realization in other human beings. People no longer go to forests for training but they go to their Ashrams. Every other day we hear there is a new God men in town but no real new method or philosophies being created or evolved. They con people in name of God realization and build new Ashrams for their own organization rather than really making a difference in God realization process.

I wonder sometimes as to what has happened to people. Why they blindly follow anyone for the sake of God realization. I urge people to follow your own Sanatan Dharma and experience your own self God realization.

These Baba-ism that prevails in todays world must stop.

BBC: India's Daughter

Indian government has banned this documentary due to very low comments by Mukesh Singh one of the rape accused, for the victim Jyoti Singh. However, BBC has went ahead and released this video ahead of previously planned Women's Day scheduled release.

Watching this my head is held in shame. I am coming from a place where Men has stoop down to this mentality ? Even the views presented by lawyers are so disturbing. Absolutely pathetic.