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Dhonifying Cricket

India beat Australia with largest margin ever in terms of runs. And Australia too saw such a defeat for first time in decades. I remember it was in 1991 when likes of Curtley Ambrose, Courtney Walsh and Malcolm Marshall sent Allan Border XI home with a 343 runs defeat. Australians have been defeated before but the manner in which they were slaughtered in the recent test match against Dhoni XI was simply outstanding. They were completely OUTbatted, OUTBowled, OUTmatched, Outclassed and OUTcaptained.

Yes, OUTcaptained as Dhoni took everything in his stride at Mohali. There is something about him that keeps him going. People say its his sheer luck but no lucks doesnt favour everytime like that only. Remember that fortune always favours the brave. And he is not someone like Sachin Tendulkar who winks once on the field, nor is he Rahul Dravid who shys away at times. Instead he ferociously looks into the eyes of the opponents with a definate game plan that works everytime. First it was Twenty20, than it was ODI\'s and now these two test matches that he has captained. You can\'t say that luck works for him everytime.

Dhoni, however, has the Midas touch and it was summed up best when he asked the debutant Amit Mishra to go round the stumps in the last over of the second day. Mishra bowled an accurate wrong\'un to trap Michael Clarke in front and one was reminded of the ploy to give Joginder Sharma the final over of the World Twenty20 final. But Dhoni, to the amusement of all present, only said, "Fluke tha yaar [It was a fluke]." 

He has many more years still in his pocket to lead India. If he goes at the rate with which he is going he would easily surpass Kapils, Azhars and Gangulys who are regarded as the most successful captains ever.  He is soon going to put his own rules of leadership quality, temperament and game plans in cricket. He is 'Dhonifying Cricket' for good.


0 # MB 2014-09-22 09:07
Yes, Dhonification it is, but the aged media, like the aging players have preconceived notions of giving credit where its due and will take their time to absob whats happening on the cricket front .... and both are ignoring statistics staring them in the face .... consistancy, not random achievements are the need of the hour .... however the selectors may either have been wise in slowly bringing about transitions or too cautious and hence delayed the heralding of a new era in international cricket where a one billion plus nation is actually able to put forth an army of players chosen because of their current form and a leader who is usually current as well!
0 # Ruchit 2014-09-22 09:08
Reaching at No.2 ODI team is definitely a very very big achievement!

He has definitely brought a new life in Indian cricket...

The thing I like the most is, his cool approach.. He is very calm and composed as described by many commentators.

The team now has more flexibility than it ever had...

I would still wait for the ODI series against NZ to be successful before saying he is the best captain...

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