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Indians are Cowards

They say – When Cowards run the state, the Nation bleeds. And off course Indians are cowards too, that they choose such cowards to run the country. The Indians are cowards and our coward politicians have added more to it.

I am deliberately writing this article today as it is our 60th Republics day today and also marks 2 months to the most deadly attack by terrorist on Indian soil at Mumbai. It is very difficult to digest that even after 60 years there are still many people don’t know what does Republic day really means. They don’t even know what the formation of a Constitution of Nation is?? Anyway, I am not writing this to teach any constitution lesson. But this post of mine is very much related to how negligent we are towards world, society and Nation. This is nothing but shows our coward ness.

Every other day we hear same old stories – Our intelligence was warned of threats but no one really acted. Pakistan denying the fact that the terrorists are not Pakistani citizens. We should resolve such issues with peace talks rather than doing any surgical strikes on Pakistan. These all above points shows our coward ness towards society, towards nation.

Our brave officers were lucky enough to catch Afzal guru alive. But see how our eunuch politicians have made a joke out of this.  For those who are coward enough of not knowing who Afzal guru is, than go back 8 years from now and you will realize our Parliament was attacked. He is the prime accused or convict of that attack and was sentenced to death by our supreme court. This sentence is now stayed due to coward protest from our human rights brothers and sisters; Arundhati Roy and Praful Bidwai to name a few. In my view, such cowards should be hanged first. They do the same in Narmada dam issue without even realizing how important water is in dry parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat.  I don’t know and understand why they show their shaved asses every time when it is a question of Nation as a whole? So do our coward politicians who think there would be negative effects on peace process of Kashmir, if we hang him.  Moreover, instead of listening to our own people, they are more interested in what his mother has to say from Pakistan. I just ask one question to afzal’s mother – What sort of mother you are, that you are not able to make your son a responsible son and a responsible citizen???

I believe the day is not far when we will see Kashmir like massacres all over the country in few years from now. And our coward politicians and coward people who choose them would be responsible for it. Because our brave officers, army, commandoes do their job without any doubt whenever need arises. They did in 1948 Pakistani aggression, in 1962, 1965, and 1971 and again in Kargil. They also proved their caliber in subsequent attacks that we are facing since few years. But what substantial our coward politicians have done in these 60 years other than just holding talks and playing dirty politics and putting nation at stake every time? Instead of acting ourselves we are tend to rely every time for external help. My question is why always we need external help?  This show how helpless we have become that we can’t even handle handful of terrorists present in Pakistan.

Our coward activists have more problems with “Slumdog Millionaire” than other social concerns that are at rise in society. We should rather accept the fact that slums do exist in our so called society and there are people who still live in those areas, there are people who still fight to earn money to live a life. We should learn from such films that we still need progress in our society to eradicate such things. Tell me how many of us are civil enough to throw the garbage in garbage bins rather than just throwing it on the streets? This shows how we are running away from reality. This is nothing but our coward nature that we have developed over these 60 years.

We cant handle protestors like MNS workers who don’t even hesitate to beat up childrens and females. What can we expect from these cowards who are in power and on the verge of ruining this country. Day before yesterday only some nuts striked at a local pub assaulting boys and girls. I ask, what is the need of such a thing in our society? Why cant we work together in building up a progressive nation? Why cant we show how unified we are? Why we show how coward we are, every time?

Utthista Bharat - Lets Rise

Yeh Jo Desh hai Tera - Swades

Bharat Humko Jaanse Pyara Hai - Roja

Utthista Bharat - Lets Rise

It is time to Rise.

Rise above all odds.

Let nothing affect our determination.

Lets show the world - that how the skies thunders and earth shakes when 1 Billion of us ROAR together.

Let us keep going and make our Nation the most powerful emerging Nation of the World.

Let Wheel of India - Be Unstoppable.

"Utthista Bharat"

Put Nation at the TOP: I Appeal

जुलस रहा है देश अपना विस्फोटो से,
अहमदाबाद,जयपुर और फिरसे नंम्बर मायानगरी का,
कोने कोने जल उठेंगे जब, तब,
आत्मा जागेगा आजके सोये हुए देशस्वामीओ का,
क्या करता है आजका ये तंत्र अपना,
नही देखते तबाहीका आक्रोश आम जनता का,
अब हद हो गयी, नही जरुरत है गांधीवाद की,
जरुरत है वही नारा आज फिर सुभाष बोस का,
नही चलेगी अब मैत्री की रणनीती,
अपनाना पडेगा रास्ता वही लोह पुरुष का,
सिर्फ कहने से नही बनेगा \'मेरा देश महान\',
समय आया देशद्रोहीओ को नस्तेनाबुद करने का,
बहोत हुइ वोटो की राजनीती,
कुछ ध्यान दे अपने देश की परीस्थितीओ का,
गर अभी नही जागे सत्ताधारीयो ,
वक्त दुर नही देश होगा इन्ही आंतकवादीयो का !!!

The best thing to do at this point of time is to put Religions aside and we should put Country on our priority list.

Nothing comes before your country. No person is bigger than Law. We should always put our Nation first than everything else like religions, castes etc.

One best example is of Cricket. When our team play cricket - we dont see who the player is or which state he comes from or what religion he follows. They all play for our Nation. In such simple way, just think about your Nation in everything you do. Life for you and your fellow countrymen would be much smoother if common person starts think like that.

But in our country on one hand we have scientists what makes us proud by sending Chandrayan to the moon and on other hand we have politicians like Raj Thackeray and rest that makes you feel ashamed of ourselves by saying i am "Marathi" or "Gujarati" or "Bengali" etc. We blame Britishers for being racist. But in this process we have forgotten how racist we are with ourselves by saying that.

There is no bigger terrorist in our country than such politicians.

These are my views, but offcourse what happened in Mumbai and what is happening at regular intervals in our country is just not acceptable. We have to strongly fight against it no matter what religion or caste you are. Put Nation at the TOP.

Raj Thackeray is a Terrorist

I just received the news that Mr. Raj Thackeray have been arrested and is being produced in a court. It is a very bold move by the Government of Maharashtra and hats off to them.

Finally, there would be some justice to those innocent people who were either beaten up by the MNS workers or also to those whose family members were brutally beaten up in Mumbai and Maharashtra. We as Indians have created such a neurotic society.  And moreover we are indulging ourselves and future generations into it rather than believing in ourselves and progressing further in lives. We keep on fighting on such lame issues of Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, Bengalis, Tamils, etc.. etc... 

Tell me or Show me - 

How many do really think about India as a whole ??? 
When will we see that day that we work as a united force in progress of our country ??? 
Why are such people as Raj Thackeray are given such a great importance in a country where it is more important to concentrate on 18 Indians who were on the ship that was hi-Jacked in Africa ???
When we and our Media will rise above all this ???

In my view, Raj Thackeray is no less than a Terrorist living with a name of a politician in our society. A terrorist kills innocent people and he beats up innocent people in exam halls, streets or anywhere you go. In my view, we were more united when under British Rule. We claim that Britishers were racist but we have forgotten in this process what we have done with ourselves. We are more racist than any countrymen as we find and show differences among ourselves by claming 'I am a Maharastrian /  a Gujarati / a Bengali, etc... It is a real threat to our country and a great shame if it still continues in name of politics.

Terrorists like Raj Thackeray should be banned from society and put behind bars for life. We clean our house when it gets dirty. Such politicians / dictators should be evacuated from the society when they are reason for spreading hate and violence. What a shame it is on ourselves and society we live in that we are still divided in name of Language we speak, Religion we follow, Caste we obey and Region we come from. 

We all rejoice when India wins in Cricket - At that point of time we dont see who is playing from what state or who speaks what language. All of us sing our National Anthem in Bengali - Than why dont we divide and choose a National Anthem individually  for each state ??

And lastly, Terrorist like Raj Thackeray should have been arrested way before this date. But anyway, every moment is a right time to do right things. Instead such terrorist should be armed with guns and sent on border to fight more morons like him if he really loves this wonderful land. What Say ?

An open letter to Aamir Khan

Dear all,

B. Raman is a writer / editor and he writes for Rediffmail.com. I came to this article over the net in which he suggests Aamir Khan not to carry the Olympic Torch and people of India who have been opposing this saying carrying the torch is showing a support to China who are doing things which are against Human Rights Law in Tibet and Mongolia. I would like to share this letter from B.Raman's blog. Do let other know what you think about it.  

Should India continue to support Tibetians who are revolting to free their land against Chinese from Indian Soil ?
Should we concentrate more on our development and political situation rather than indulging ourselves in other\'s problems ?

Do write your views.... 

Dear Aamir Khan

I read with great interest your detailed reply to your relatives, friends, admirers and Tibetan activists in which you have justified your decision to be one of the bearers of the Olympic Torch at New Delhi on April 17.

You have said in your justification: 'I request those of you who have asked me to stay away from the Olympic Torch relay to understand that when I do run with the torch it is not in support of China. In fact it will be with a prayer in my heart for the people of Tibet, and indeed for all people across the world who are victims of human rights violations.'

In 1936, on the eve of the outbreak of the Second World War and at the height of Nazi atrocities, the Olympic Games were held in Germany. The human rights movement was not as active in those days as it is now. Despite this, many advocated the boycott of the Games. Their appeals failed. Those who participated without any qualms of conscience, gave exactly the same reasons as you have in your justification. The Olympic Games do not belong to China, as you have rightly said. The Olympic Games did not belong to Germany, they said.

The question is not what you think and said about your participation. The question is how your participation is projected by Beijing to the suppressed Buddhists of Tibet and Uighur Muslims of Xinjiang, who have risen in revolt against what they consider as the Han colonisation of their homelands and what the Dalai Lama has described as a cultural genocide of the Tibetans.

Wherever the Olympic Torch is being taken, the Chinese have been keen that some prominent Muslim and Buddhist personalities also participate in carrying the torch so that they can demonstrate to the protesting Buddhists of Tibet, Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai and to the protesting Muslims of Xinjiang that prominent Buddhist and Muslim leaders in other countries have endorsed the Games.

The importance of your participation and of the participation of Saif Ali Khan to the Chinese was not only because you are both widely-admired film artists. It was also because both of you are widely-respected Muslim personalities.

The importance of the participation of football hero Baichung Bhutia to the Chinese was not only because he is a football hero, but also because he is a highly-respected Buddhist personality. He saw through their game and declined to let himself be used by the Chinese to serve their psychological warfare agenda in Tibet, Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai. One hopes he does not change his mind under pressure from our Communists. It is a pity you have not seen through their game.

You have rightly said in your justification that no country is free from instances of human rights violations. Not even India. In this connection, you have referred to Kashmir.

You and others, who have written on this subject, are correct in their references to Kashmir, our northeast, the grievances and anger of Khalistanis and Muslims etc. We too have been having problems with our religious and ethnic minorities just as the Chinese have problems with their minorities. No country in the world is free of such problems.

The question to be asked is not whether we have the same problems as China, but what has been our approach to these problems. Do we deal with these problems in the same way as the Chinese do or do we follow a different approach?

The religious and ethnic minorities in India, who have taken to arms against the government, have accused the government and its policy-makers of rigging elections, political, economic and social discrimination, lack of adequate political powers to manage their own affairs etc. They have accused the security forces of being prejudiced against the minorities, of excessive use of force against the minorities, of police torture etc. Has any group in India accused our government and policy-makers of indulging in cultural genocide of the minorities as the Dalai Lama and the leaders of the Uighur Muslim community in China have accused the Chinese government?

In India, since we became independent in 1947, no government -- whether of the Congress or the Bharatiya Janata Party or any other party -- has ever even thought of settling members of the majority community in areas where the minorities are in a majority. Pakistan has systematically settled Punjabi ex-servicemen in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir and in the Northern Areas (Gilgit and Baltistan) in order to reduce the ethnic Kashmiris to a minority in their traditional homeland. It has systematically settled Wahabised Sunnis in the Northern Areas in order to reduce the Shias to a minority. China has systematically settled Hans from mainland China and the Hui Muslims from central China in Tibet in order to reduce ethnic Tibetans to a minority and dilute the majority status of Buddhism. It has similarly settled Hans in Xinjiang in order to reduce the Uighurs to a minority and dilute the impact of Islam. In our country, our laws will not permit such abuses.

In Jammu and Kashmir, no non-Kashmiri has ever been chief minister. Same is the case in Nagaland and Mizoram. Can you cite an instance since the occupation of Tibet by the Chinese in 1951 when an ethnic Tibetan has headed the local party and government set-up?

We have been fairly regularly holding elections in the northeast and Kashmir except during periods when serious insurgency situations did not permit the holding of elections. In Kashmir, there were allegations of rigging of the elections. Because of this, in recent elections, we allowed foreign diplomats and journalists to visit Kashmir before and during the elections to satisfy for themselves that the polls were free and fair.

Has China ever held a single democratic election in Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia since the Communists captured power in 1949?

We have many insurgent and terrorist organisations purporting to speak for the religious and ethnic minorities, which have taken to arms against the government. Have you ever seen our political leaders and policy-makers indulge in a campaign of demonisation and personal vilification similar to the Chinese campaign against the Dalai Lama? Beijing calls him \'a liar, a conspirator, a cheat, a terrorist\' and so on. Even the Chinese Red Guards, who ran amok in China during the days of Mao, never used such expressions against political dissidents.

The leaders of separatist organisations freely interact with our media. They are interviewed by our print and electronic media and invited to participate in our television talk shows. You recently attended the World Leadership Summit organised by the India Today Group. I read in the media that one of those invited to address the summit was Yasin Malik, leader of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front. Can you mention a single instance since 1949 when Beijing has allowed a single dissident leader to similarly interact with the media and foreign diplomats? Have you ever seen a single interview of the Dalai Lama in the Chinese media? Have you ever seen a single statement of his ever published in the Chinese media?

There is an international humanitarian instrument called the Second Additional Protocol to the International Red Cross Convention. It accords to the Geneva-based International Committee of the Red Cross locus standi to provide humanitarian relief in internal conflict situations. India has refused to sign this but, de facto, it observes many of the provisions of this protocol. It has allowed the ICRC to have an office in New Delhi. It has permitted senior retired police officers to act as consultants to the ICRC office. It has allowed the ICRC to conduct training classes in human rights for our security forces. It has allowed ICRC delegates to visit jails in Jammu and Kashmir to enable them to satisfy for themselves that humanitarian laws are being observed even in respect of terrorist-suspects. Has China done any of these things in its minority provinces?

The Government of India recently allowed Asma Jehangir, the well-known Pakistani human rights activist, who has been appointed as the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, to visit Gujarat and J&K to look at the human rights situation. She has come out with a very critical report. Will China allow the UN to appoint a similar Special Rapporteur for Tibet to inquire into allegations of cultural genocide in Tibet?

The way we handle our problems in the minority areas is totally different from the way the Chinese handle them. We handle them like civilised, democratic people. The Chinese handle them like Hitler and Stalin used to do. It is, therefore, totally unfair and incorrect to project as you have sought to do and as many leftist-minded intellectuals in India have sought to do, as if China is more sinned against than sinning and that its negative human rights record is no different from that of many other countries, including India.

I have myself been a strong supporter of the Olympics being held in Beijing. I wrote even after the recent revolt in Tibet that we should not support the moves for a boycott of the Bejing Games because by doing so, we will be humiliating over a billion Chinese people because of the misdeeds of their leaders and policy-makers.

At the same time, I have been of the view that we should not help China in giving a great shine to the Games despite all that has been happening in Tibet, Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia as if nothing has happened. A lot has happened in the Tibetan-inhabited areas of China. A lot of blood has been spilt. A highly-respected religious leader of the world has been insulted and demonised like no other religious leader of the world has ever been demonised.

The Beijing Olympics has already become a blood-stained Olympics. The Chinese are frantically trying to remove those blood stains. We should not help them in their efforts to do so. By lending your name and prestige to the torch run, you are unwittingly helping the Chinese to cover up the blood stains.

You have millions of admirers as an artist all over the world. You will continue to have millions of admirers whatever be your final decision. But many of them will have feelings of vacuum in their hearts over your failure to distinguish between the right and the wrong.

Warm regards

Yours sincerely

B Raman