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Bal Thackeray should be Hanged

Remember my article Raj Thackeray is a Terrorist a few months ago ?? Now his uncle, Bal Thackeray has gone nuts it seems. Because every other day you hear him attacking one public figure and making more fun of his own and his family name. No offense intended Mr. Bal Thackeray but you have definately made a mockery of yourself here.

I think this 84 year dude has seriously lost it. He should be seriously be sent to either re-hab centre or to old age home. Its his time for "Vanaprasthashram". He is of opinion that Pakistani and Australian cricketers should not be playes in IPL as Pakistanis spread terrorism and Australians does racism with Indian students. But i think, in this process he himself has forgotten that by claiming "Mumbai for Marathi Manoos" he is spreading same hatered in India itself. Sorry to make you hear this way, but North Indians, South Indians, Gujaratis, Bengalis, Kasmiris, Tamils.... they are Indians too. They are also equally hurt when something goes wrong in name of Nation.

Whatever Shah Rukh Khan has said is nothing wrong. Yes, everyone has freedom of speech but that freedom of speech should not be used against any individual. For Gods Sake, dont mix your dirty politics with film or sport people. What if Shah Rukh said Pakistanis are welcomed in India to play Cricket. So did other IPL Franchisers said and even several Political leaders like Chidambaram too voiced that. Why do you have problem with one particular person than ? 

I dont think there is any one else who is  more bigger traitor than you yourself. And what if Biharis and UP people come and work and make their lives in Mumbai ? Atleast they are not beating, hitting, ostracising, abusing and threatening innocent fellow indians like you and your shit shiv sainiks do. I am also ashamed of saying Shiv Sena being a follower of Lord Shiva. Instead do something productive, if not in Maharashtra than atleast in Mumbai by educating children, improving living standards of people etc. just as your name - Shiv Sena.

I think government should take some heavy actions against this 84 year old maniac who has lost it completely. He should be prosecuted in interest of Nation for dividing mindset of people and spreading Violence in Mumbai. No wonder Valentines Day is coming and i dont see it is going to be a peaceful one in Mumbai. All Thackerays (Bal, Uddhav and Raj) should be Hanged publicly if they hit, abuse and threat again to fellow Mumbaikars and Indians. This statement is for betterment of our society.

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