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Indians are Cowards

They say – When Cowards run the state, the Nation bleeds. And off course Indians are cowards too, that they choose such cowards to run the country. The Indians are cowards and our coward politicians have added more to it.

I am deliberately writing this article today as it is our 60th Republics day today and also marks 2 months to the most deadly attack by terrorist on Indian soil at Mumbai. It is very difficult to digest that even after 60 years there are still many people don’t know what does Republic day really means. They don’t even know what the formation of a Constitution of Nation is?? Anyway, I am not writing this to teach any constitution lesson. But this post of mine is very much related to how negligent we are towards world, society and Nation. This is nothing but shows our coward ness.

Every other day we hear same old stories – Our intelligence was warned of threats but no one really acted. Pakistan denying the fact that the terrorists are not Pakistani citizens. We should resolve such issues with peace talks rather than doing any surgical strikes on Pakistan. These all above points shows our coward ness towards society, towards nation.

Our brave officers were lucky enough to catch Afzal guru alive. But see how our eunuch politicians have made a joke out of this.  For those who are coward enough of not knowing who Afzal guru is, than go back 8 years from now and you will realize our Parliament was attacked. He is the prime accused or convict of that attack and was sentenced to death by our supreme court. This sentence is now stayed due to coward protest from our human rights brothers and sisters; Arundhati Roy and Praful Bidwai to name a few. In my view, such cowards should be hanged first. They do the same in Narmada dam issue without even realizing how important water is in dry parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat.  I don’t know and understand why they show their shaved asses every time when it is a question of Nation as a whole? So do our coward politicians who think there would be negative effects on peace process of Kashmir, if we hang him.  Moreover, instead of listening to our own people, they are more interested in what his mother has to say from Pakistan. I just ask one question to afzal’s mother – What sort of mother you are, that you are not able to make your son a responsible son and a responsible citizen???

I believe the day is not far when we will see Kashmir like massacres all over the country in few years from now. And our coward politicians and coward people who choose them would be responsible for it. Because our brave officers, army, commandoes do their job without any doubt whenever need arises. They did in 1948 Pakistani aggression, in 1962, 1965, and 1971 and again in Kargil. They also proved their caliber in subsequent attacks that we are facing since few years. But what substantial our coward politicians have done in these 60 years other than just holding talks and playing dirty politics and putting nation at stake every time? Instead of acting ourselves we are tend to rely every time for external help. My question is why always we need external help?  This show how helpless we have become that we can’t even handle handful of terrorists present in Pakistan.

Our coward activists have more problems with “Slumdog Millionaire” than other social concerns that are at rise in society. We should rather accept the fact that slums do exist in our so called society and there are people who still live in those areas, there are people who still fight to earn money to live a life. We should learn from such films that we still need progress in our society to eradicate such things. Tell me how many of us are civil enough to throw the garbage in garbage bins rather than just throwing it on the streets? This shows how we are running away from reality. This is nothing but our coward nature that we have developed over these 60 years.

We cant handle protestors like MNS workers who don’t even hesitate to beat up childrens and females. What can we expect from these cowards who are in power and on the verge of ruining this country. Day before yesterday only some nuts striked at a local pub assaulting boys and girls. I ask, what is the need of such a thing in our society? Why cant we work together in building up a progressive nation? Why cant we show how unified we are? Why we show how coward we are, every time?


0 # Morpheus 2014-10-25 11:53
Liked your article..

I sincerely, hope with such articles and writings we can respectfully change the mind set of general public of India.

Simply the best :-)
0 # Hitarth 2014-10-25 11:55
Thanks for your comments.

I am glad that you liked my views but i am mere writer. These are just my views, i am not set out change anyones views or people in general.

Lets see how effective it is on mind set of the general public. Lets see how effective it is on people of India.
0 # Phani 2014-10-25 11:56
I cant say any thing no words.If this would happen in any other country like USA ,cannada,China their would be results.

I can Say &$&# who protest for these people.

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