Put Nation at the TOP: I Appeal

जुलस रहा है देश अपना विस्फोटो से,
अहमदाबाद,जयपुर और फिरसे नंम्बर मायानगरी का,
कोने कोने जल उठेंगे जब, तब,
आत्मा जागेगा आजके सोये हुए देशस्वामीओ का,
क्या करता है आजका ये तंत्र अपना,
नही देखते तबाहीका आक्रोश आम जनता का,
अब हद हो गयी, नही जरुरत है गांधीवाद की,
जरुरत है वही नारा आज फिर सुभाष बोस का,
नही चलेगी अब मैत्री की रणनीती,
अपनाना पडेगा रास्ता वही लोह पुरुष का,
सिर्फ कहने से नही बनेगा \'मेरा देश महान\',
समय आया देशद्रोहीओ को नस्तेनाबुद करने का,
बहोत हुइ वोटो की राजनीती,
कुछ ध्यान दे अपने देश की परीस्थितीओ का,
गर अभी नही जागे सत्ताधारीयो ,
वक्त दुर नही देश होगा इन्ही आंतकवादीयो का !!!

The best thing to do at this point of time is to put Religions aside and we should put Country on our priority list.

Nothing comes before your country. No person is bigger than Law. We should always put our Nation first than everything else like religions, castes etc.

One best example is of Cricket. When our team play cricket - we dont see who the player is or which state he comes from or what religion he follows. They all play for our Nation. In such simple way, just think about your Nation in everything you do. Life for you and your fellow countrymen would be much smoother if common person starts think like that.

But in our country on one hand we have scientists what makes us proud by sending Chandrayan to the moon and on other hand we have politicians like Raj Thackeray and rest that makes you feel ashamed of ourselves by saying i am "Marathi" or "Gujarati" or "Bengali" etc. We blame Britishers for being racist. But in this process we have forgotten how racist we are with ourselves by saying that.

There is no bigger terrorist in our country than such politicians.

These are my views, but offcourse what happened in Mumbai and what is happening at regular intervals in our country is just not acceptable. We have to strongly fight against it no matter what religion or caste you are. Put Nation at the TOP.

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