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Raj Thackeray is a Terrorist

I just received the news that Mr. Raj Thackeray have been arrested and is being produced in a court. It is a very bold move by the Government of Maharashtra and hats off to them.

Finally, there would be some justice to those innocent people who were either beaten up by the MNS workers or also to those whose family members were brutally beaten up in Mumbai and Maharashtra. We as Indians have created such a neurotic society.  And moreover we are indulging ourselves and future generations into it rather than believing in ourselves and progressing further in lives. We keep on fighting on such lame issues of Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, Bengalis, Tamils, etc.. etc... 

Tell me or Show me - 

How many do really think about India as a whole ??? 
When will we see that day that we work as a united force in progress of our country ??? 
Why are such people as Raj Thackeray are given such a great importance in a country where it is more important to concentrate on 18 Indians who were on the ship that was hi-Jacked in Africa ???
When we and our Media will rise above all this ???

In my view, Raj Thackeray is no less than a Terrorist living with a name of a politician in our society. A terrorist kills innocent people and he beats up innocent people in exam halls, streets or anywhere you go. In my view, we were more united when under British Rule. We claim that Britishers were racist but we have forgotten in this process what we have done with ourselves. We are more racist than any countrymen as we find and show differences among ourselves by claming 'I am a Maharastrian /  a Gujarati / a Bengali, etc... It is a real threat to our country and a great shame if it still continues in name of politics.

Terrorists like Raj Thackeray should be banned from society and put behind bars for life. We clean our house when it gets dirty. Such politicians / dictators should be evacuated from the society when they are reason for spreading hate and violence. What a shame it is on ourselves and society we live in that we are still divided in name of Language we speak, Religion we follow, Caste we obey and Region we come from. 

We all rejoice when India wins in Cricket - At that point of time we dont see who is playing from what state or who speaks what language. All of us sing our National Anthem in Bengali - Than why dont we divide and choose a National Anthem individually  for each state ??

And lastly, Terrorist like Raj Thackeray should have been arrested way before this date. But anyway, every moment is a right time to do right things. Instead such terrorist should be armed with guns and sent on border to fight more morons like him if he really loves this wonderful land. What Say ?


0 # Leo 2014-10-25 13:40
Where is MNS and Thackreys, who were defending Mumbai from rest of Indians ? People must learn one thing, we are Indians and we must stay united to fight all menace against our country. If People of India decides, we can flush out all anti nationals from India and Politics. But the question remains, Who will bell the cat ?
0 # indian by heart 2014-10-25 13:41
This aticle is prfect... india is known for its unity even though it has so many caste n religions... & sucha behavior is spoiling our culture....
so he should be banned n kept behind bars forever....
0 # vik 2014-10-25 13:42
What about the politicians who keep talking about minority and minority and minority...?
aren't they to be equally blamed?
0 # Hitarth 2014-10-25 13:42
In my view, Minority issue is due to people itself. People wants all benefits for being from minority class.

We talk about reservations for SC / ST / OBC .. People wants it for their benefits. Politicians make it an election issue and wins it.

If people become more aware and think about country as a whole such issues would hardly come up on surface.

We ourselves have to change the scenario here. Think about National Interest first and than comes your religion, caste, languages, states and lot more...
0 # Mirza 2014-10-25 13:43
I am full agree that Raj is a Terrorist.
0 # Rajesh 2014-10-25 13:44

Who will pay for this ???
0 # Sruta Pandya 2014-10-25 13:46
Agree 2 u Hitarth dat Raj Thackeray acts as a terrorist..!
bt at jus one point I support him nd dat is only dat if u,being a NON-maharashtrian..live in Maharashtra nd FORCE ur ritual on everyone..is nt done.Nobody is stpong u frm performng ur rytes..bt u cannot force pple 2 do it ur way...
U cannot take away d rites of pple who belong 2 dis place.
I m nt saying dat Raj.T is doing d ryte thng...

nd thinking dat since Raj has been arrestd wil stop d MNS pple frm killnd/Troublng other pple..is nt ryte..as still even 2day as v can c dey r creating havoc..creating prblms 2 live a normal lyf..!

I m nt sure hw many agree 2 d way I thnk..bt dis is my view..
0 # Hitarth 2014-10-25 13:47
Hi there,

I dont think so any gujarati is imposing maharashtrians to perform Garba during Navratris or any muslims imposing them to obey Id or any punjabis imposing them to perform Karwa Chauth or any UP - Bihari imposing them to do chath puja....

And by Celebrating their own festivals i dont see you are taking away rites of the people of that place..

I myself live in Australia. Have seen chinese, muslims, christians and our Indians celebrating our own religious stuffs. That doesnt mean we are imposing on native Aussies to perform our rituals and rites. Thats Racism :D
0 # Jags 2014-10-25 13:48
I do agree with you Hirtarth..! But after these many days.. Did that make any difference..! He is still free outside to do whatever he wants..! What difference did all this Havoc and your wonderfull idea made on couple of people who just wrote comments on your website.. I say what is Indian government doing and what are people in India doing..! I went to India after 3 long years from Australia but could not find any difference in India even after soo much of development..! Its not government nor the system .. But its every Indian or "Individual" who need to understand what India"Bharat" stands for in their mind and heart...! I really appreciate your work and effort but i hope this is been read by all the literate Indians..! Wish you best of luck..! Vande Matram..!
0 # rakesh 2014-10-25 13:49
where is raj thakeray and his mns when terrorist attacked mumbai. coward.
0 # Hitarth 2014-10-25 13:50
Well Rakesh,

I think he was hiding somewhere at one of the vast lands that he has in and around Maharashtra --- according to Jaya Bhadhuri...

shhh.. no offence intended

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