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Downloads: A New Section

Many of my blog readers are requesting me from since a year now to put up a downloads section where they can download valuable things at their request. One can notice in my article Vishwambhari Stuti which was written almost a year ago has many such requests to offer a downloads section so that such valuable sutits or any other stuffs could be downloaded for free.

In that interest i have started a special Downloads Section on my Website Hitarth Jani [Dot] Com for my valuable and faithful readers. Also, i would like my readers to know that my website Hitarth Jani [Dot] Com  has received an all time high Hits (119096 Hits) in this current month of October 2008 which is higher than any other months so far and we are still in the middle of the Month. This makes almost 7000 Hits on an average day which is just amazing.

I sincerely hope you all like my articles, poems, photos and works. 

- Hitarth Jani

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