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Why my articles are diversified in nature

Usually people write or blog about a particular niche area. But in my case you may find more diversified articles from Technology to Spirituality, Life, Relationships, etc. The very nature of life is diversification. Each of us has to play different roles at different stages of life. One man is father to someone, Son to someone, Brother to someone, Husband to someone. So being versatile is the key to be successful in life. Besides this fact, i have a very keen interest in various aspects and subjects of life. Many of my friends have asked me on various occassions of this versatality that my web site possess.  So this article answers those questions to some extent.

The goal of this website is to bring about an awareness on various aspects of life. Obviously the opinions that I put forth, may not always be correct or justified, so everyone is invited to bring about a discussion on any topic. Considering my Information Technology background, many of you will be surprised with my interest in literature. My love for Gujarati literature goes back to my school days. Also, thanks to my upbringing. I was always surrounded by learned and knowledgeable persons like my unlces and parents. They have taught me various aspects of life that reflects in our literature and has a greater impact on my mind since childhood. Besides, I am a voracious reader. My book shelf contains books on various topics from Technology to sprituality, Life, Computers, Softwares, Relationships, etc. Believe me friends, Books are mens best friends.

I may not do an intense research on some of the articles. I may write them up as my fingers listen to my thoughts that are vibrating in my mind and heart in a carefree way.  I intend to be strong in writing as this web site gets more matured. I surely dont want to create any controversies with my articles. Each and everyone of us have different level of thinking and thought emerge at a different pace for a particular problem or situation in each of us. 

I wish good luck to my readers and sincerely hope that my thoughts rekindles some passion in your minds - if it ever happens, then purpose of this web site will be attained.


0 # pinky makwana 2014-12-19 13:54
i really like ur poems. i like ur articals as well. the way do u think i like very much. i impressed 4rm u. plz send me ur poems........i like it.
0 # Hitarth 2014-12-19 13:55
Thank You Pinky

I would definately post all my poems and articles here on my website.

Do read them.


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