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My Baby

Being in Web Development industry i have a dream of producing finest website in the world.

Although all websites are not 100% perfect and not all are versatile from Web Standards point of view. I want to produce one which satisfies both of these issues. I am in process of development of my own personal website. Hope to see “My Baby” (I call it my baby) in web world soon.

Looking at it at present it looks so beautiful. Although i have managed to produce only half of it but still it feels i have achieved and done the best i could do for it. Since past 3 months i had been working 2 jobs and hardly was able to give time to my baby. But one of my contract job is about to end this month. I will be free for it and nurture it the way i want it to be.

“My Baby” - It will contain Blogs on all my philosophical think tanks bombardings, my opinion on the religions of the world, my thoughts about this world and universe, my achievements (both Academic and Non-Academic) and also my literary works which are only with me since i started writing at age of 14. I have an inner desire that “My Baby” is launched by the oldest member in my family - My Grandpa. But that will not happen as i am away from my family. Still i believe it may take 3-4 months time for it to be completed and i may go home for its launch ceremony.

And lastly, i dont know about others babies but My Baby would be the finest.


0 # Rhea 2014-10-25 12:56
I am waiting to see ur Baby :-)
0 # Hitarth 2014-10-25 12:57
Thanks Rhea, Its coming soon :-)
0 # Neel 2014-10-25 12:58
Arrrrrrrrey!! hu to taampi ne j betho chhu tari baby ne jova maate!! Kai naam paadyu ke nai? :P hehehehe bas jaldi jaldi finish kari nakh!! :-)

baaki of course koi pan web-site perfect na hoy ‘cos it depends on what you want to achieve frm tht web-site etale evu to possible hoy j nai ke koi ek web-site perfect hoy…. BUT i’m eager to see if your baby changes my opinion ;-) - good luck man!! :-)

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