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Twitter offers instant communication and the power of microblogging — short, 140-character postings made accessible to and from computers and cell phones.

Since few months i have been using twitter extensively but its very tedious to update your blog everytime and also tweet about your latest blog on your tweeter account. So if you tweet using RSS feeds than every post you do on your blog or website gets posted automatically on your twitter account. So no need to update it manually :)

The following steps will help you understand how to really do it -

1. Login to your basic twitter account or create one.

2. Create an account at TwitterFeed. Sign up is easy and fast. You can do it at one click with an existing email address.

3. Once you create an account and are logged in, you can add your RSS feed to your twitter profile. Enter the name of the blog and RSS feed in the fields provided. You will understand as you go.

4. Advance Settings: You can change the settings like updating frequency, post sorting, adding prefix or postfix, using shortened link and keyword filter. Click on “Done”.

5. Choose Twitter service and authenticate your Twitter Account and Click “ Create”.

Click on Done.

Continue the same process for multiple blog RSS to be added on twitter.

Now you can relax as everytime you post something on blog will be automatically added as a tweet on your designated twitter account. Hitarth Jani [dot] com uses same method to post tweets and hence drives huge traffic.

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