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Philosophy of Life

Judge me by what you read. My writings explain myself in ways that I can't really explain. I love life. I believe in looking for the good in the bad. With all of the philosophies about life And the meaning of it, How can we all decide on one set thing?
I don't really think we can, Because everyone wants to believe what he or she wants to believe, And not be forced into something.

But my philosophy that sums up my meaning of life is simple.To live. 
I think we were set on this planet, and this world, To live, And do what we want with what we have.

I mean life is going to suck sometimes, I can guarantee it,
But you keep living, And you never, never, give up.

You can study the great philosophers of time, And maybe get a bit of what they tried to teach,
Or you can come up with your own, 
Because really,
Philosophy is an opinion.

This is what I believe in black and white,
But this is only my opinion,
My philosophy on life.

You can make of life whatever you want,
Just make something of it.
Keep living no matter what.
Every single person can do great things with their life;
They only have to find out where to start.

Courtesy: Deepa Vora - Orkut Profile

Why Don't We Make Life Simple ?

Last night i suddenly realised that it has been almost 3 months that i have wrote something on my website. I have been asked questions on my email regarding that and i even dont have time to reply them all. So, for this i apologize to my readers. And for me being busy in worldly worries i blame our society for it.

Recenly, in july i joined a company called Panalpina as a Data Processing Operator. Offcourse, by joining such a big organization it is a great achievement for someone who is from a middle class family. But again, it feels life was just great when i was working from home as a Freelance Web Developer. Now, its like working for the Company and also, on the Websites i have created after office hours. Life has become hectic and I have to re-schedule all my daily chores.

Since few nights, I have acquired a sort of phylosophical approach to this  new theme that my life is shaping up in. My mind went back 10 years ago (1998) when i had just passed out from my 10th class examination and life was full of happiness and peace. There was no place for worldly worries or tensions. Life was full of Joy, Entertainment and Love. But again, it does not settle down as you have always wanted it to be. People keep on asking you questions and you keep on answering them one by one. Atleast, it is true in my Life. With peopl, i mean society as a whole. It includes also your near and dear ones.

10 years back when i had passed out my 10th class, i had to choose between two sets of subject viz. Science or Commerce. From my childhood i had a very great inclination to the subjects related to Science and Technology, So i opted for Science for my further studies. On my decision to choose Science subjects for further studies there was a wave of strong opposition from friends and certain family members questioning my abilities that -

Will you be able to pass out with such difficult subjects ? Are you sure you want to do this ?

I remained silent and found world is so impatient. I often laugh now at the present moment at this impatience they showed in those days and often related this to these lines of T.S Elliot's Hollow Men:

Between the conception And the Creation
Between the emotion And the Response -
Falls the Shadow..

Anyhow, time passed by. I certainly was one of the brightest students in my batch. But life again had to teach me some more bitter lessons. I failed on my first attempt to pass my 12th class examination. The world\'s doors seemed to be crashing down on me and people who questioned before again rose their heads with different sets of questions now -

Are you sure you want to attempt again ? There is still time to think and change your career path, why dont you opt for something else ?

I again remained silent. I thought its again time to retaliate and shut their mouths. I worked hard, really hard to atleast pass my examination. After passing my examination, I opted to go to Pune for my higher studies (Bachelors) to do a course in Computer Science. Again, they came up with questions -

Will you be able to live alone ? Away from your Family ? How will you cope with different world in Pune ? You were not able to pass on your first attempt in 12th Class, Are you sure you want to go for further studies ?

Again, i laughed at their impatience. I reminded myself that the best way to win was to not need do win. The best performances are accomplished when you are relaxed and free of doubt. I decided to take things as they come. And certainly, I passed my Bachelors degree with 80 % of Marks which was something great at that level. I stood overall 2nd in my University. And again, i shut mouths of those who always have one or more questions to ask.

And again, they came up with questions when i opted to shift to Sydney, Australia for my Masters studies. But they had to bear my retaliation when i passed my Masters Degree with a great Distinction in all my subjects. And again, they threw questions, when i was having a hard time to find a suitable job for myself after passing out from my University asking me why dont you shift back to India ? What\'s the point in staying a foreign land without a proper Job ?

And funny part of it is that, Today when i have two jobs to deal with they are again  questioning - What is the need of working so hard ? You can earn less and stay happy in India ? Why dont you come back ?

Analyzing this 10 year period of my life i think i never had time to think about myself. Although, i was succeeding in my endeavours but they were simply the result of my retaliations, my reply to their questions. The more they asked, The more i Rised.

I sometimes wonder, not every human becomes a millionaire and successful as Bill Gates, then why we ask such questions and make life so complex for our kids, throwing questions on them and ultimately make them confuse what they want to do ?

My simple Question to people out there is, WHY DON\'T WE MAKE LIFE SIMPLE ???

But life is mere answering questions and shutting their mouths from time to time. Their questions never end nor do your replies.

For all your days prepare
And meet them ever alike
When you are the anvil, Bear -
When you are the hammer, Strike.

Wear Sunscreen

Wear Sun Screen,

Brothers and Sisters - How true it is said in this Video.

Someday we will make it true. We would stop fighting with each other. We would see more unity than ever on this earth.

Everybody would be able to enjoy their part of Sun Screen. Enjoy every moment of you life. Dont worry about troubles that you face. Because sometime you stay ahead, sometimes you are behind. And race continues. Whatever you do, do it with your own style.

Someday will come when there would be -












Help each other, this is our time. This is the only advice i can give to you.  Enjoy your Oneness.

Someday we will reach there...

Non-Power Thinking

Hello People,

It is festival time in India and i am here in Australia - all alone.

Some so called Intelligent People of my Caste have organized “Nagar Samelan” here in Sydney, so that all people of my caste can meet each other and share their views, help out each other, “if needed” and also socialize. They have invited me too.

But i am not going to attend any social function like that. I have been through such social functions before and what people do is just talk shit about people who are not present in the function, pull each others leg and think on great thinking of others and eventually turn up fighthing with each other.

People have been talkin about “Power of Thinking” since ages now. Many “Useless Morons” have also written books on this topic. So this made me comment on such issue. In my view what is real profit of power of thinking if we turn up fighting with each other. People say if you really think deep than you can change your affirmations but what gain is there if you loose control over your thinking??? So i follow a little different kind of thinking and i call it “Non-Power Thinking” 

Non - Power thinking is easy to follow. All you have to do is dont think much on what people say or what people do. Power thinking is rather step -by -step process. People comment on you - you respond to that comment with a thought and you retaliate with some deep thinking. Again same happens and it goes on till you end up fighting with that moron

And guess what this theory really does work. How?? = “You Can Eliminate Stress From Your Life, Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence and Program Yourself For Lifetime Success!!”

Isnt it wonderful?

Yes, By Using The Secrets of “Non-Power Thinking” you Can Expand Your Comfort Zone, Shatter the Beliefs that are Limiting Your Life, and Instantly Boost Your Self-Esteem Forever

And Moreover, You can live in a world where no body is commenting on each other, leaving their beautiful lives without fighting and peacefully. Hence, in my view it is better to be called “HEADLESS MORON” rather than “INTELLIGENT JACK”