Snake Entering House Omen

14th January 2017; a Snake tried to enter our house and was just inches away from our front door. I was surprised to find a Green Tree Snake (That is what i think it was as i am not a Snake expert) at our front door. It had his head held high and rest of its tail on the door steps. As i opened the door it became cautious and started to realize someone is around. I slammed the door as i saw it (so that it doesnt enter the house) and opened a window nearby to see where does it goes. As i opened the window with net, me and my wife saw it slipped through the compound and entered our neighbours house. We alerted our neighbour as they have young kids often playing in their front yard. However, we couldnt find it afterwards.

As this event turned out in the afternoon (around 5pm) i was very thoughtful by the evening. 14th January 2008 is when my grandfather passed away around the same time the snake appeared this year after 9 years. I was very close to my grandfather as a kid. I am also very much aware about the snake omens, astrology and spritual side of things. Snake always suggests transformations and change due to its natural characteristics of shedding its own skin. Spiritually it also holds an important space as it represents healing. And that is why it stuck to me that this could be a message that a change is about to happen. 

My life has been stuck lately as myself and my wife are saving money to build our own house. My wife is struggling to get into a job which inturn is preventing us to get a decent loan from the banks. We moved into this house a little over an year ago thinking that there may be good job opportunities in this area. However we still found it difficult to cope with it. So after this event of snake trying to enter our house i was pretty sure a good change is about to come. I googled this and found that if a snake is trying to enter your house it brings wealth.

After this event, on 6th February 2017 my Car Honda Jazz 2004 model suddenly broke down. I took it to the insurance people who suggested that it is no longer roadworthy and to write off the car for A$5000. I thought this is a good deal so i agreed. Within a week, I bought a brand new car Suzuki Baleno with a bit of help from the money i had saved for my house. I almost travel 100kms a day (to and fro) for my work so car was a necessity. In next few days my wife got a call for an Interview. She was offered the job which will inturn help us getting a loan to meet our goals within a year or so. I had almost lost all hopes as we were struggling very badly. I am not sure if this is how it was going to happen but this snake omen which i have heard and is out there on google has seriously worked and is about to transform lives of my little family (Me, My wife and my cute little 2.5 year old son). So our life is drastically about to change in a very short span of time from the time we saw snake early in this year. Life indeed is transforming in a beautiful and positive way.

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