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God Men vs God Realized Beings

India has been a land where there was tremendous spiritual awakening at certain stage of human kind. Several God Men incidently were born at the same time in the history. These God Men were no ordinary men. They were self realized god men. Very few in history has attained such a state of God realization. According to ancient Sanatan Dharma, there is no God in heavens. God is right here inside you, dead. It is upto an individual to awaken this godliness and work for humanity in general. In ancient world to awaken this we had certain paths to attain this state eg. Kriya Yoga, Hath Yoga, etc. 

Men in ancient era would go to forests. Undergo severe training sessions with a help of a Guru and try his level best to attain such a state. This was because it was very comfortable to go away from worldly worries in forest and practice such a thing. But there was no hard and fast rule to attain such a state of being. There are certain cases in history as well of men attaining and realizing such a state of mind while living in society around people. Krishna, Rama, Parshurama etc all accelerated in achieving such a state of being while living within the social barriers.

Years have now passed of existence of these methods of attaining God realization. Various different methods have also evolved and created by such God realized being over the time and are in practice. eg. Kriya Yoga, Hath Yoga etc of ancient time and Sudarshan Kriya, Transdental Meditation etc of modern times. Such men also created various philosophies of their own which are now followed by people as a separate religions. eg. Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, etc. 

I wont go much deeper into all techniques, methods and philosophies here but had to mention them as they were created by one such God realized soul.

However in modern times we have a problem. There are too many God men in the society today and far too less God realized men. These God men are self proclaimed who ask money in charity to build Ashrams and also does charity in return. There is no real sense of God realization happening in the society. No doubt they are applauded for their charity work but they are not doing the things they meant to be doing i.e. awakening self realization in other human beings. People no longer go to forests for training but they go to their Ashrams. Every other day we hear there is a new God men in town but no real new method or philosophies being created or evolved. They con people in name of God realization and build new Ashrams for their own organization rather than really making a difference in God realization process.

I wonder sometimes as to what has happened to people. Why they blindly follow anyone for the sake of God realization. I urge people to follow your own Sanatan Dharma and experience your own self God realization.

These Baba-ism that prevails in todays world must stop.

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