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Philosophy of Life

Judge me by what you read. My writings explain myself in ways that I can't really explain. I love life. I believe in looking for the good in the bad. With all of the philosophies about life And the meaning of it, How can we all decide on one set thing?
I don't really think we can, Because everyone wants to believe what he or she wants to believe, And not be forced into something.

But my philosophy that sums up my meaning of life is simple.To live. 
I think we were set on this planet, and this world, To live, And do what we want with what we have.

I mean life is going to suck sometimes, I can guarantee it,
But you keep living, And you never, never, give up.

You can study the great philosophers of time, And maybe get a bit of what they tried to teach,
Or you can come up with your own, 
Because really,
Philosophy is an opinion.

This is what I believe in black and white,
But this is only my opinion,
My philosophy on life.

You can make of life whatever you want,
Just make something of it.
Keep living no matter what.
Every single person can do great things with their life;
They only have to find out where to start.

Courtesy: Deepa Vora - Orkut Profile


0 # Jagdeep 2014-10-25 13:37
Written Very right..! Yaara its really true..! But all experiences takes time to come over it..! Every habbit takes a bit of your time to change..! But as said "Parivartan Prakruti ka niyam hai"..! Life is never the same..! and i believe in what you have phrased..! Good keep up ...!

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