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Non-Power Thinking

Hello People,

It is festival time in India and i am here in Australia - all alone.

Some so called Intelligent People of my Caste have organized “Nagar Samelan” here in Sydney, so that all people of my caste can meet each other and share their views, help out each other, “if needed” and also socialize. They have invited me too.

But i am not going to attend any social function like that. I have been through such social functions before and what people do is just talk shit about people who are not present in the function, pull each others leg and think on great thinking of others and eventually turn up fighthing with each other.

People have been talkin about “Power of Thinking” since ages now. Many “Useless Morons” have also written books on this topic. So this made me comment on such issue. In my view what is real profit of power of thinking if we turn up fighting with each other. People say if you really think deep than you can change your affirmations but what gain is there if you loose control over your thinking??? So i follow a little different kind of thinking and i call it “Non-Power Thinking” 

Non - Power thinking is easy to follow. All you have to do is dont think much on what people say or what people do. Power thinking is rather step -by -step process. People comment on you - you respond to that comment with a thought and you retaliate with some deep thinking. Again same happens and it goes on till you end up fighting with that moron

And guess what this theory really does work. How?? = “You Can Eliminate Stress From Your Life, Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence and Program Yourself For Lifetime Success!!”

Isnt it wonderful?

Yes, By Using The Secrets of “Non-Power Thinking” you Can Expand Your Comfort Zone, Shatter the Beliefs that are Limiting Your Life, and Instantly Boost Your Self-Esteem Forever

And Moreover, You can live in a world where no body is commenting on each other, leaving their beautiful lives without fighting and peacefully. Hence, in my view it is better to be called “HEADLESS MORON” rather than “INTELLIGENT JACK”


0 # Neel 2014-09-18 09:01
haha yep so true. gujjus loko ekbija ni taang khenche j chhe - don’t know why :sad: - oh well….

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