Saint Brighu and Shiva

Is everything pre destined and cannot be changed?

There is a legend that Goddess Lakshmi’s father Rishi Bhrigu went to Lord Shiva and said that I have written the destiny of every person who will be born. Please give me your blessing that it will all come true.

Lord Shiva said - What you have written is only 33 percent. Another 33 percent is changed by the person’s deeds, another 33 percent by prayer and I keep the remaining 1 percent with me, for the final decision.

So one can completely eradicate our obstacles and troubles by taking the right action, prayers and leave the rest to Shiva.

There are specific mantras and prayers for specific problems and it’s very important to understand the meaning of each mantra. When you know what you are chanting, it’s immersed within you and the good effects double.

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