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What the hell is going on Earth?

Mother Nature has been acting rude since few days on us. There is some or other thing going on in every corner of Earth. Starting with –

1.    Earthquake in Assam, India
2.    Sydney Dust Storm, Australia
3.    Philippines and Vietnam Floods
4.    Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia and Samoa
5.    Floods in Southern America
6.    Rains havoc in Southern India

And much more….

I don’t know how many of you may have noticed this but there is something really secretive going on. Are we into middle of something?? Or it is just that it has happened all at one time??

I read in many astrological forums that this is all happening due to three consecutive eclipses that occurred in July – August this year. And such calamities will continue for few more months or possibly even years. If this is true than I think predictions made by Mayan Culture of a Dooms day in 2012 might come to be true.

Trailer of Roland Emmerich directed movie 2012

If we see it scientifically, this could be a warning to us from Nature to minimize global warming. I was present in Sydney when a dust storm swept the city and turned it into red for few hours in the morning of 23rd Sept. It was incredible to see that. I haven’t seen such a thing before in my life. At first I felt like aliens from Mars has overtaken Earth :D It was so deep red and smothering. 

Whatever it may be, you got to ask yourself a question – What the hell is going on Earth?? This may very well be first warning from Mother Nature. We need to act fast to save our planet. Or we may see a time when such things happen and we are helpless to control it. We need to act now in order to leave something for our future generations. The photo below is the photo of a Red Dawn that Sydney noticed on that day taken by myself from my window -

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