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Intellectual Hinduism - Top Hinduism Blog for 2010

Dear all,

As you  all know that I also write about Hinduism on "Intellectual Hinduism" since past 4 years now. It was awarded "Top 2010 Hinduism Blog" on August 1, 2010.

These awards were organized by Online PhD Programs & the Best Bloggers.

Awards candidates are selected using one main method: 
     - Audience nominations

And i would like to personally say thanks to all those readers who have nominated my work and make this happen.

The list of nominations is then filtered through to produce a list of award candidates. Each blog on this list is then scored by our panel of 5 judges. Each judge rates each blog across 20 different attributes providing it with a ‘subjective’ score. These ratings are combined into an aggregate, and the aggregates of the 5 judges are averaged to give the blog its final rating.

The ratings are then compared, and awards are given out to blogs in the 99% percentile (meaning the top 1% of blogs receive awards).

I am certainly very happy and share this with my other readers :) Below is the Award Badge that i received from them.


I am..

Someone very close to me has encouraged me to write all these following points about myself. Well for many of you they may seem to be ordinary points but few things pointed out here plays a major role in my life.

And i have decided to read these points whenever i am down and need some positive boost. So here we go ---


1.  I like no. 1. Have always wanted to be number 1 in everything i do.
2.  I am a Web Developer by Profession.
3.  I work also in Imports Operations in a Transport Company.
4.  I am Crazy & Passionate about Cricket, Pancham Da and Kishore Da.
5.  I drink more Tea than water.
6.  I consider Khushbu as my best friend. I call her CK.
7.  I am Selfish (perhaps People & situation around me has made me like that) and there is nothing wrong in it.
8.  I am a fighter who believes to overcome all challenges and obstacles in life.
9.  I am highly inspired by Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) and Dhirubhai Ambani.
10. I like color Blue. That color is also taken over by Lord Shiva.
11. I am very much fond of Hinduism. I write Intellectual Hinduism Blog . It is awarded Best Hinduism Blog of 2010.
12. I write Poetries also. Thats what i am popular for.
13. I write sad poetries. But that doesnt mean my life is going in depression or without any fun.
14. I like driving. Especially long drives with Kishore Kumar songs on.
15. I am creative and appreciate all creative works.
16. I am very materialistic who wants to prove someone what i can do with my abilities.
17. I am also very spiritual soul who believes in Maa Durga. Infact i can see her.
18. Thats my Birth Date and i love this number.
19. I dont smoke.
20. I dont hold grudges. But when i do, I fight to finish.
21. I always try to win.
22. I consider my father and big brother as my role models. Although many people out there considers me as their role model.
23. I love my family the most and i am certainly proud to be a JANI.
24. I am very blunt at times but thats how it should be.
25. I love India but i am an Australian now.
26. I crave for perfection.
27. I have two mobile phones.
28. I work almost 18 to 20 hours a day.
29. I have very sharp memory. Nothing goes unnoticed
30. I have many names. Miku (at home), DON (online - for some reason that i also dont know), Ian (Denise at work calls me with that name as i follow cricket and she admires Sir Ian Botham), Boss (my other colleagues)...
31. I like people who gives importance to TIME.
32. I love literature. Especially Gujarati Literature .
33. I am Single.
34. I dont flirt or bludge around.
35. I respect women.
36. I want to have my own business someday (Web Stellium is in process of Development).
37. I cry sometimes when lonely. And thats the best way to chuck negativity.
38. I am a spendrift. But i believe in enjoying life.
39. I hate Jainism.
40. I like Mythological characters of Lord Krishna and Arjun.
41. I am highly impressed by Chanakya.
42. I am very stubborn and hardly give any shit to those whom i dont care about.
43. I like Bourborn.
44. I miss Pune very much.
45. I have decided not to fall in love. I rather make people fall for me and i know i do.
46. I often disagree with my Dad. But i love him the most.
47. I am very close to my Mom.
48. I do Transendental Meditation these days for atleast 15 minutes a day.
49. I do Siddha Kunjika Stotram everyday. It brings perfection.
50. I dont chat with friends online more as before. I hardly have time.
51. Avani has entered like a flash and changed my life completely. Point no. 33 is not longer valid.
52. Jagdeep and Naveen has proved to be very trustworthy friends.
53. I have a dream to do something for Lunawada Nagars. Hopefully i will be able to create something to leave something for our future generations to cherish.

.... to be continued till 100 points :)

My Naadi Astrology Reading

Being very deepely interested in Astrology, I did a Naadi Astrology reading for myself. In it they asked for impressions of my right hand thumb and my general details like parents and siblings names, family background and occupation. I opted for General and Matrimonial reading as at present stage on my life i am well settled and looking for a girl. My personal experience with it is not very satisfactory but still i am putting down the report they gave me for my reading. The readers who know me could very well make out what is right and what is wrong in it and who doesnt know me may read it for fun 
Here it goes - 



OM SHRI GANESAYA NAMAHA                                                   OM SHRI JEGATHAMBIKAYA NAMAHA


OM SHRI VEDHACHALAYA NAMAHA                                            OM SHRI AGASTYA GURUVE NAMAHA



Agastya Jeevanadi Reader after the Prayers to the Family Goddess Shri Durga searches the relevant olai leaves for the native and picks the correct one based on the inputs furnished by the native and goes on to read as follows.

Sage of Sages Agastya prostrates before Goddess Parvathi and prays with her to show the divines to predict the native’s General and Matrimonial Kandam based on the karma and narrates the same through the nadi reader.

As such the Native has been born in the year called Thunthubee, in the Month of Aavani 2nd day, Wednesday, in Pushya Star and the Ascendant is Mithunam.

The Corresponding English Date of Birth of the Native is 18th August 1982.

Now the Agastya Jeevanadi narrates the planetary position of the Native’s Janma Kundali.

The Lagnam is Mithunam, the Moon and Sukra are seated in the second house, the Sun and Mercury in the Third house, the Saturn is seated in the fourth house, the Mars and Jupiter is seated in the fifth house, the Ketu is seated in the seventh house and the Rahu is seated in your Lagnam and during the Sani Dasa period you have been born and you are hearing this predictions in your Ketu Dasa period around your age of twenty seven.

The native will have a pleasing appearance, very amorous with women and of a flirting disposition, learned, acts well as a messenger, very intelligent, has sweet speech, humorous, can fathom the desires of others, good at gambling, fond of music and songs, well versed in art and at times very rich, at others has no money, thus is matters of wealth, he is waxing and waning like the moon.

Will be fond of and inclined to do good to your friends, fond of astrology and water reservoirs and gardens, will be under the influence of lover/women and will be amenable to reason and good counsel to other.

Has much stamina, will be under too much influence of young ladies and will have liaison with other people’s wives and will be a coward at heart but bullying in speech and will be very cunning and disguises your true intentions and fond of dressing well.

Generous in giving and much liked by people and will lead a happy life more in the second part of your life is concerned. In respect of marital issues you will suffer much mental distress. Quick in following the hints of others, affluent and devoted to learning and enjoys life.

Humble outward and the mind is intent upon deceiving others by hypocrisy and will be very active and fond of traveling. Will have many good qualities and attainments, has paraphernalia of luxuries.

You have to cultivate hope and faith and should eliminate the uncertain element and then concentrate on what you believe to be possible lines and you will be extreme sensitive and will feel very keenly the emotional side of life, in fact exceptionally sensitive.

You have the energy to go after your goals and achieve results and will move away from the place of birth, will enjoy your journey, achieve the necessary prosperity through your own efforts and advised to be careful in selecting friends.

As you are a skilled efficient person, there is no need to be disappointed and you are also capable of creating and even enjoying difficult situations. Your fortune are subjected to change, women plays an important part in your life and luck after twenty nine years and you will control large sums of money dealing and be honest in your financial dealing and avoid situations where you might be sued during your age of thirty three to thirty seven.

Your egotism and self pride will be misunderstood by others and chances are there, that you will be criticized by family and friends due to your romantic relationships.

Will come across urinary infections, blood related problems, digestive and stomach ailments, skin diseases and chances for accidents and fractures.

You will be wealthy, romantic and will enjoy all things about the human condition and courageous, have an imposing personality and will do the best you can for those you love and will possess artistic skills and will be fruitful to your partner.

Your work will be related to skilled in respect of new techniques, Art, Design, computer related, involve in sectors insurance, banking, brokerage firms, trusts, power companies, marine products and you take pride in doing things with your own hand and will gain from business related to handicrafts, mind and art work, work for large organization and work will have a scene of magic and mystic sciences.

At the same time you have to keep in mind that you have the Doshams related to Mangal, Kalathira and Kala Sarpa Dosham, and to have the purification, you are advised to have the Shanti Parihara and Deeksha Kandams and to have the same it is the Sunabha and Gajakesari Yogam in your Janma Kundali helps you have the way to come out of the malefic effects of the planets, due to your sins of previous incarnations.

As for the period at present, the Ketu Dasa is passing through and the Sukra Dasa will start for the native during the age of twenty nine and it will run for twenty years and the Sukra  is the lord of the house of fifth and twelfth and the first ten years will give you a lot positive results in all respect and have a caution in your marital life and more is been enlighten in your Matrimonial Kandam and at present there some dangers to the health, and chances for accident, if the Doshams are minimized the native will have a good health and good span of life, as such the General Kandam comes to an end.



Agastya Jeevanadi Reader after the Prayers to the Family Goddess Shri Durga searches the relevant olai leaves for the native and picks the correct one based on the inputs furnished by the native and goes on to read as follows.

Sage of Sages Agastya prostrates before Goddess Parvathi and prays with her to show the divines to predict the native’s Matrimonial Kandam, in continuation of the predictions, based on the karma and narrates the same through the nadi reader.

As such the Native has been born in the year called Thunthubee, in the Month of Aavani 2nd day, Wednesday, in Pushya Star and the Ascendant is Mithunam.

The Corresponding English Date of Birth of the Native is 18th August 1982.

Now the Agastya Jeevanadi narrates the planetary position of the Native’s Janma Kundali, in respect of the Marital affairs are concerned.

Your Lagnathipathi is Budha and he is in conjunction with Surya and seated in your house siblings and Lord of the house of Marital, love affairs is Jupiter and he is in enmity and seated in your Poorva Punya Sthanam, along with the Mangal Karaka and from the Chandra the Mangal is seated in the fourth house and the lord of the house of the Mangal seated is Sukra and he is the Kalathira Karaka and the planet for love affairs, and this Sukra is in enmity and seated along with the Chandra in your house of family and to have more complications in your love affairs, the serpent Ketu is seated in your house of Marital and the another serpent Rahu is aspecting your house of Marital and at present you are passing through the Ketu Dasa period and the Seven and Half Saturn period is running and you have been very much affected by the Mangal and Kalathira Dosham.

All you have to keep in mind, the problem in your approach is that you want to have it all, it may take several upsetting situations, noisy emotional scenes before you accept that you cannot have everything you desire, when you desire it, as the Lord of your house of sixth Mars is in your house of fifth and now you will feel that you have lacked adequate love and attention from your lover and to have more the Ketu in the seventh house and aspect of the malefic planets, you will experience will be quite contrary to what you might have dreamed of in your boyhood and you will face disappointment early in your life of love.

You will have more than one wife or one wife and one mistress, or failure in love and marry other person, in respect of marital issues, you will suffer much mental distress and you are over fond of sex.

To have more malefic effects of the Dosham, all your planets have been encircled by the serpent planets Rahu and Ketu and you have been very much affected by the Kala Sarpa Dosham.

As such you have the Mangal, Kalathira and Kala Sarpa Dosham, as a result, you will have problems in your love affairs and will have breaks, separation and will not be able to have the love affair into the life of marriage and will have failure in the effects. It all speaks about the present relationship.

To have more solution in respect of the Doshams and its impact, the native is been advised to have the Parihara and Deeksha Kandam, to have a new lease of life, as for the marital is concerned and in total the present proposal of love will have a set back and now you have to see a new life of proposal.

If the Mangal, Kalathira and Sarpa Dosham are purified, then you will have a very beautiful girl, from a good family, with riches from the North or North West or South direction, and she will bring your luck and happiness in your life and you have to compromise in the life of family, with your spouse to have a happy and enjoy the life of marital and will have a girl and a boy and the period of marriage is favorable between your age of twenty eight to thirty and blessing for the same and wishing you a Very happy birthday in advance and Graces to come out of the crisis, it is blessed to have the ways of the solution, to overcome the problems, as such the Marital Kandam comes to an end.


Hitarth - Meaning of Well Being

HIT   - When the Iron is Hot !!

ART  - The Wine of Life !!

H !!! - An Exclamation one makes off on Seeing Me !!

Mom - Dad and Shanky - First Day in Australia