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Academic - I

I completed my Master of Information Technology course recently in July - 2006 from Univeristy of Technology, Sydney (UTS) in Australia. It was a dream come true when i enrolled for GDIT firstly that leads to this course as i always wanted to do something different from what everybody else was doing 2 years back. I wanted to fly and so high that nobody of my level can touch me. Coming to UTS fullfilled my wish of flying that high. It is here where i have developed myself as a full-fledged Programmer working with one of the best cream of the world. Resources, coursework, professors, lecturers and colleagues here at UTS helped me a lot to develop those skills of flying so high and also have played a major role in changing my outlook and personality. 

Bachelor of Computer Science: (B.C.S)

I completed my Bachelor of Computer Science from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University in July 2004. It is located in Pune, India known as Oxford of India. After getting somewhat less percentage of marks in my 12 Science i had to opt to go out of my hometown which was rather best decision i have ever made in my life. It actually was turning point in my life. I passed my bachelors degree with 81% of marks. I met people from almost all parts of India there in Pune who are now pursuing higher degrees and well placed in Multi-national companies in India. So being in Pune changed my life style and thinking about life. Thats what helped me to think after completing this course - "Its time to Fly". And indeed i have come a long way since than. It is rightly said "If you gotta dream - You need to protect it, Achieve it" and so did I.

About Personality

Welcome to My Little World!!

I am Hitarth. I was born on 18th August 1982, to most beautiful couple on earth Mr. and Mrs. Jani.

I did my schooling from my hometown Baroda. Then i went to Pune for my Bachelor of Computer Science from Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune. It was a 3 year course and absolutely had fun during the course of my stay in Pune. Now i am missing those good old days. At present i have just finished my Masters degree in Information Technology from University of Technology, Sydney. Now i am trying to get Permanent Residency here in Australia.

Name:  Hitarth Jani
Place of Birth:  Baroda, Gujarat, India
Hair:  Black
Eyes:  Brown
Race:  Indian
5' 7"
Marks / Scar:
Scar on Upper Lip and Forehead near right side temple

I am presently working as a Web Developer for a Local Company. I have a passion for writing poems and articles which will be seen in this website in respective sections. I am also fond of studying about history, religion and philosophy which reflects in my articles on this web site. On same time i am a techy geek.

In my view to write about my personality would be a great mistake. As exploration of the Inner World plays a major part in mens life. I am trying to describe my inner world through this website. My world of thoughts and emotions, a world of imagination and dreams, a world that contains a secretive "I" which never really appears to the outer world. This is one little effort to show the world that secretive "I".

I dont know what else to write here, but i seriously think that if you will go through my web site will come to know more about me!!

Thanks for visiting my Web site.