Our Dream Home - Deposits

Its that time in our lives where we (Avani and I) have now successfully booked a Land and House package. We will finally be able to have a piece of land which we can call home. Soon.

After Krishiv was born in 2014 and a job change in 2016 owning a house was the only dream which was yet to be fullfilled.

We started looking for homes after we got a pre-approval from the bank. We knew our budget but were not very successful initially in finding a nice place as easily as first we thought. Every weekend we would go out and have a look at all display homes around and getting ourselves confused with each house we look at. Frustrated week after week, we both finally liked a place in Gregory Hills, NSW, Sydney. On 20th Aug. 2017 we booked a 300m2 lot. The design we went with is Maple 4 - 10m Zero; Bay Facade from builder New Living Homes. 

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After booking the lot we secured the lot on 19th Sept. 2017 by paying 10% of Land Deposit via our Solicitor Diaz & Diaz Solicitors. Once the Land Contract was signed and deposit paid we also signed a Building Contract with New Living Homes on 7th Oct. 2017 by paying 5% Building Deposit.

We will now wait till Land registers in May 2018. I will still keep writing as we progress in our building process.

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