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Our Dream Home - I

Its that time in our lives where we (Avani and I) have now successfully booked a Land and House package. We will finally be able to have a piece of land which we can call home. Soon.

After Krishiv was born in 2014 and a job change in 2016 owning a house was the only dream which was yet to be fullfilled.

We started looking for homes after we got a pre-approval from the bank. We knew our budget but were not very successful initially in finding a nice place as easily as first we thought. Every weekend we would go out and have a look at all display homes around and getting ourselves confused with each house we look at. Frustrated week after week, we both finally liked a place in Gregory Hills, NSW, Sydney. On 20th Aug. 2017 we booked a 300m2 lot.

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After booking the lot we secured the lot on 19th Sept. 2017 by paying 10% of Land Deposit via our Solicitor Diaz & Diaz Solicitors. Once the Land Contract was signed and deposit paid we also signed a Building Contract with New Living Homes on 7th Oct. 2017 by paying 5% Building Deposit.

We will now wait till Land registers in May 2018. I will still keep writing as we progress in our building process.

Mom - Dad and Shanky - First Day in Australia

Dharva, Neel and Atharva

They are the young guns of our family. Watch them talk over some funny matter and fight as if they are enemies since ages.