Permanent Residency

Today i have achieved what i desired since i came to Australia. Yes, you guessed it right - I have got my permanent residency here in Australia. I had been trying for it since 1 year now. Yes, you heard it right. I was struggling to get my permanent residency since 1 year now. It is rightly said "Setting goals is easy. Achieving them is something different".

I am perhaps first person in my family to go abroad and achieve something like this.  Last one year was really a tough task for me to handle. Away from parents, struggling to get a good job and than this Permanent Residency things coming up was difficult to handle at same time. But some how i was able to cope up with such a tough time. My mental toughness proved once again to be beneficial in gaining what i always wanted. It really helped me to minimize the effects of discouragement and turn negatives into positives. 

Jack Black, in his illuminating book "MindStore", uses a computer expression to combat negativity - "Delete that Programme".
Whenever a negative thought used to come in my mind or when others make negative comments, I just used to say myself, "Delete that Programme" and used to replace it with a positive thought.

Admittedly, negative mental habits are hard to break. And i have experienced that thing in past. It surely takes time and persistence but rewards you when you really do it. Achieving goals becomes a reality.

"Always make your goals happen" - this is the thought i always carry with myself in my mind and it really helps to motivate myself when i am down with negativity. And offcourse motivation always comes from inside your heart. Without self motivation you will not achieve your goals. As the saying goes, "if it's to be it's down to me". And i had solid backbone with me - my family who always supported me in everything i did since past few years.

Today i have reached my goal. Have achieved what i had always desired. I have achieved it in a style. I have reached at a position where no other Jani family member has ever reached. I am proud of my parents and my family. Now i want to enjoy this moment back home with my parents, sister and other family members. And this part of my life is what i call happYness. But still Miles to go before i sleep, Miles to go before i sleep.....

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