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Jazzy July

As the title suggests, this post is all about the major events that are taking place in my life in the month of July, since past 6 years. Since 2004, July is the month to watch as all major events of my life has been taking place in this very month of July. 

Take it as just a co-incidence or some super - natural power helping me out in some ways all the major events that are happening in my life in the month of July are all positive. With positive I mean a progressive event that has helped me to climb the stairs to reach the position I have been at the moment in my professional and personal life. 

Another co-incidence with July is that, it also marks the start of “Shravana” month, which is very auspicious and my birth month according to Hindu calendar. In the very same month, the Sun, enters the zodiac sign – Leo, which in turn is my Sun Sign. I don’t know, if these things have anything to do with events I am talking about that are taking place in my life. But Jazzy July has indeed stopped me and made me re-think about it and I just can’t stop thinking how beautiful life is with such small things that takes place. I am not at all superstitious by nature but such things happening constantly since few years have made me think like what will happen next as soon as July arrives in a particular year. 

Today, I will be discussing with you all about those events that has changed my life over the years. But again I don’t know how many of you will get impressed by it as for you it might be a just another achievement by somebody but for me – it has changed my life completely, both ways – professionally and personally. 


July 2004: I remember it was July 2004, when a seed was planted in my head to move out of India and get settled somewhere in foreign land. I don’t know, what triggered that, perhaps may be a few failures before in my studies, but I was sure I wanted to go to Australia. That surety and faith landed me up in Australia on 25th July 2004. I came here with a determination to show the world – I Can. 

July 2005: It’s a year and the same month in which I completed my first degree – Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (GDIT) and with an overall High Distinction (HD). For me it was a great achievement and being the first person in my family to go abroad and accomplish such a thing was just incredible, at least for me and my family. 

July 2006: It’s the year which marks the completion of my studies. I achieved a degree – Master of Information Technology (MIT) and that too with an overall High Distinction (HD). I still remember it was 19th July 2006, when I received my results. This thing indeed changed my image in my family and society in general. People did started recognizing the potential I was carrying inside me. 

July 2007: This year I had greatest achievements of all. I became a Permanent Resident of Australia. It just came in the time when I had lost all hopes in myself and the world around. I don’t know, but it just happened. It was July 10th 2007 and again I was the first in all of my family to achieve that. With that I had indeed made a distinct place for myself in social arena. 

July 2008: July 28th 2008, I joined a company called Panalpina World Transport. Although I was working as a Freelance Web Developer, joining such a big organization was indeed an achievement. This has boosted my earning drastically and has been doing extremely well at my work. Who would have thought that a shy lad like me will be dealing with people all round the world from various countries on phones and e-mails. 

July 2009: Every person has a dream to buy his / her own car. July 2009 indeed fulfilled that dream of mine. Exactly after 1 year of my work at Panalpina I bought a Honda Jazz – Sports Model. My parents too arrived here in Australia to stay with me for first time. It was a surprise gift for them.  

Life has been changing for good in some or other way in July each year since past few years. I don’t know till how long these July run will be going on. But every year as soon as we are approaching I start thinking about it. Jazzy July indeed is scripting a fairy tale for me each year.

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