Academic - II

Class 12

A year full of tensions and stress. I did my class 12 from Baroda High School (Bagikhana). I dont know what I was doing in Class 12. I mean everything used to go wrong in those days. Failures and comments were now part of my everyday life. They pressurize you from almost all sides and you end up having nothing in your hands, standing nowhere. I was one of the cases of such a pressure. Still i fought hard to prove myself to the world that Hitarth Jani is not a failure. Still i scored very less that i was not able to get an admission in my home town. But that was in reality not the end. That was just a beginning of a success era in my life. That played a major role in making of Hitarth Jani you see in present day. Yes, this year laid foundation of a great determination of achieving success and becoming perfect in whatever i do in my mind. One thing i have learned from those days is that failure is just a junction that you pass through in order to reach success.

Class 10 

I completed my class 10 from Vidya Vihar High School (A Branch of IPCL School). Till this year i was unaware what failure is. Free from tensions and stress of life i just sailed through the year. It was a special year for me as that particular does not have higher classes i was going to change my instituition hereafter. It was a junction where all of us were going to be separated for good future ahead. I have still maintained contact with certain old friends and teachers. And when i come to know that they still remember me as the brightest boy ever in studies i feel like yes i am the ONE. 

School Education

Role of a School is to develop a raw child to be Perfect. And it happened in my case. My school Vidya Vihar was best at it. I always used to stand first in my class examinations.  I develope IQ, Discipline, Language, current basic General knowledge, basic arithmetic in that period of my school. My education was most attractive than of any other boy / girl in those days. It didnt just helped me to develop a taste for my studies but it developed and played a majore role in my up bringing in disciplines and principles like:

  • Respect
  • Co-operation
  • Caring
  • Trust
  • Values
  • Sports
  • Equality
  • Beliefs
  • Recognition

Only thing i want to say - School Days were the Best

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