It has been two months since i posted something here. Actually after completing my studies i was relaxing a bit and now i am trying to find a full time job.

I have applied many job applications and I still dont know where i will be landing up. Have been through couple of interviews too, but I know i havent made it as i have not received any sign from the interviewer till now. I am desperate to get a full time job now. And determined too. I am trying. Trying hard to get it.

Have anybody here heard of American inventor - Thomas Edison? He invented little thing what in present era we call “Electric Bulb”. It is said it took him over a thousand times to make a light bulb. Can you imagine the same extraordinary determination is burning inside me to find a job. I always think of this fantastic example of Thomas Edison who wouldnt give up till the goal is achieved. Now that does not mean i have applied for over thousand times to get a field job, but all you need is the desire to keep trying and a belief that “Miracles - Do happen”. Hoping for the best !!

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