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Downloads: A New Section

Many of my blog readers are requesting me from since a year now to put up a downloads section where they can download valuable things at their request. One can notice in my article Vishwambhari Stuti which was written almost a year ago has many such requests to offer a downloads section so that such valuable sutits or any other stuffs could be downloaded for free.

In that interest i have started a special Downloads Section on my Website Hitarth Jani [Dot] Com for my valuable and faithful readers. Also, i would like my readers to know that my website Hitarth Jani [Dot] Com  has received an all time high Hits (119096 Hits) in this current month of October 2008 which is higher than any other months so far and we are still in the middle of the Month. This makes almost 7000 Hits on an average day which is just amazing.

I sincerely hope you all like my articles, poems, photos and works. 

- Hitarth Jani

Why my articles are diversified in nature

Usually people write or blog about a particular niche area. But in my case you may find more diversified articles from Technology to Spirituality, Life, Relationships, etc. The very nature of life is diversification. Each of us has to play different roles at different stages of life. One man is father to someone, Son to someone, Brother to someone, Husband to someone. So being versatile is the key to be successful in life. Besides this fact, i have a very keen interest in various aspects and subjects of life. Many of my friends have asked me on various occassions of this versatality that my web site possess.  So this article answers those questions to some extent.

The goal of this website is to bring about an awareness on various aspects of life. Obviously the opinions that I put forth, may not always be correct or justified, so everyone is invited to bring about a discussion on any topic. Considering my Information Technology background, many of you will be surprised with my interest in literature. My love for Gujarati literature goes back to my school days. Also, thanks to my upbringing. I was always surrounded by learned and knowledgeable persons like my unlces and parents. They have taught me various aspects of life that reflects in our literature and has a greater impact on my mind since childhood. Besides, I am a voracious reader. My book shelf contains books on various topics from Technology to sprituality, Life, Computers, Softwares, Relationships, etc. Believe me friends, Books are mens best friends.

I may not do an intense research on some of the articles. I may write them up as my fingers listen to my thoughts that are vibrating in my mind and heart in a carefree way.  I intend to be strong in writing as this web site gets more matured. I surely dont want to create any controversies with my articles. Each and everyone of us have different level of thinking and thought emerge at a different pace for a particular problem or situation in each of us. 

I wish good luck to my readers and sincerely hope that my thoughts rekindles some passion in your minds - if it ever happens, then purpose of this web site will be attained.

My Baby

Being in Web Development industry i have a dream of producing finest website in the world.

Although all websites are not 100% perfect and not all are versatile from Web Standards point of view. I want to produce one which satisfies both of these issues. I am in process of development of my own personal website. Hope to see “My Baby” (I call it my baby) in web world soon.

Looking at it at present it looks so beautiful. Although i have managed to produce only half of it but still it feels i have achieved and done the best i could do for it. Since past 3 months i had been working 2 jobs and hardly was able to give time to my baby. But one of my contract job is about to end this month. I will be free for it and nurture it the way i want it to be.

“My Baby” - It will contain Blogs on all my philosophical think tanks bombardings, my opinion on the religions of the world, my thoughts about this world and universe, my achievements (both Academic and Non-Academic) and also my literary works which are only with me since i started writing at age of 14. I have an inner desire that “My Baby” is launched by the oldest member in my family - My Grandpa. But that will not happen as i am away from my family. Still i believe it may take 3-4 months time for it to be completed and i may go home for its launch ceremony.

And lastly, i dont know about others babies but My Baby would be the finest.

Hello world!

Hello World!!

This is my first blog entry… for Testing

Welcome to my world.

Here you will come to know all about me.

Hope you will have a great time reading all about me. Njoy!!