What happens to Soul after Death ?

Almost all religions and spiritual processes have tried to explain this by their own theories and beliefs systems, in their own way. This post is not to evaluate those teachings or knowledge that already exists. Today i am going to share something which i personally realized a few years ago.

We went to a place called Chanod on banks of Narmada River for Asthi Visarjan of my grandfather in January 2008. As we were preparing for our rituals to begin, we saw a man was being treated by some pandits. Our brahmin pandits said to not pay attention to them as the man who was being treated had been possessed by some bad soul. This lead to questions in my mind as to what really happens after Soul departs from the body. One of the Brahmin pandits we had was fairly young in his 40s and understood why i am questioning this. He gave me a book he had and advised me to read certain section in it.

As our ritual of Asthi Visarjan was suppose to continue all day long, i started reading the book, originally in Sanskrit and translated in Hindi. Below is small summary and logically explains above question to a certain extent -

Soul after death takes any form it comes in contact with. Normally, it comes directly in contact with Wind or Air. It said that soul is about 21 grams in weight and is size of human thumb. It remains and mixes with air after death.

The air when travels from place to place the soul is taken to different layers of atmosphere. When it reaches clouds, it then takes form of cloud when it comes in contact with clouds. It then pours down with rains by mixing itself in cloud water.

It is then absorbed into soil when it touches down earth. This water when sucked by roots of trees it penetrates stems, flowers, fruits, leaf etc of that tree.

These flowers, fruits, leaf when consumed by a pregnant woman, it gives life to the development process taking place in the womb. So this way the soul cycles revolves in the nature. However, a soul can penetrate any living being in this case. Not necessary that a soul which was in human in previous birth will be born human only. This way Karma process is evaluated.

This is the most logical reasoning i have come across so far. However, i am not a learned veda person. But it was a very interesting read and was good to know about this mystic topic. Hope you all enjoyed it.


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