Yet again it is 31st night today as another year comes to an end. As usual people have been looking at what they achieved in the year gone by and plan what they need to do in the coming year to achieve their goals. I am no different.

2016 in a nutshell was a year of change and milestones for me.  One big change that i made in this year is that i changed the job. I wasnt really happy with what was going on at previous workplace like others and was not appreciated at all for the efforts i was putting in for getting the work done. On top of that there were fake people with fake smiles, fake promises and showed fake dreams that they would never help me to achieve. So i took the decision to leave the company for which i worked for 8 years in late July - early August. 4 months down in new job i feel i made the best decision of my life.

Four months into a new job i participated in an Innovations Idea Competition where employees were encouraged to give their Innovative Ideas to make business more efficient. With all my knowledge i wrote about 3-D printing and the ways in which it can help business grow. I was appreciated with a letter from our Head Office in Europe and with a momento jersey with the competition logo. Htowever didnt win the competition i was satisfied with the way they appreciated employees efforts who provided their respective Innovative Ideas which never happened at my previous work place.

Another great achievement of this year is that my this blog website completed 10 years of its existence. Over 10 years i have wrote about various topics from sports to philosophy and from politics to religions. Hope my readers have enjoyed my writings and my thoughts over the years. As a mark of successful 10 years i have redesigned the website in festive mood and will keep it till 10th January 2017 before it goes back to old familiar design.

Also, my Website development business too completed 10 years this year. I am also in process of making a brand new website for my business which will go live soon in few days before 15th January 2017.

In all 2016 have been very satisfactory with changes that occurred that were totally unplanned. One thing i have learned from the year gone by is that -

"Ignore most of what people say. Watch what they do Instead"

This will help most of you in recognizing fake people with plastic smiles. Have a great 2017 everyone. May everyone achieve their respective goals and be successful. Good Luck.


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