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Someone very close to me has encouraged me to write all these following points about myself. Well for many of you they may seem to be ordinary points but few things pointed out here plays a major role in my life.

And i have decided to read these points whenever i am down and need some positive boost. So here we go ---


1.  I like no. 1. Have always wanted to be number 1 in everything i do.
2.  I am a Web Developer by Profession.
3.  I work also in Imports Operations in a Transport Company.
4.  I am Crazy & Passionate about Cricket, Pancham Da and Kishore Da.
5.  I drink more Tea than water.
6.  I consider Khushbu as my best friend. I call her CK.
7.  I am Selfish (perhaps People & situation around me has made me like that) and there is nothing wrong in it.
8.  I am a fighter who believes to overcome all challenges and obstacles in life.
9.  I am highly inspired by Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) and Dhirubhai Ambani.
10. I like color Blue. That color is also taken over by Lord Shiva.
11. I am very much fond of Hinduism. I write Intellectual Hinduism Blog . It is awarded Best Hinduism Blog of 2010.
12. I write Poetries also. Thats what i am popular for.
13. I write sad poetries. But that doesnt mean my life is going in depression or without any fun.
14. I like driving. Especially long drives with Kishore Kumar songs on.
15. I am creative and appreciate all creative works.
16. I am very materialistic who wants to prove someone what i can do with my abilities.
17. I am also very spiritual soul who believes in Maa Durga. Infact i can see her.
18. Thats my Birth Date and i love this number.
19. I dont smoke.
20. I dont hold grudges. But when i do, I fight to finish.
21. I always try to win.
22. I consider my father and big brother as my role models. Although many people out there considers me as their role model.
23. I love my family the most and i am certainly proud to be a JANI.
24. I am very blunt at times but thats how it should be.
25. I love India but i am an Australian now.
26. I crave for perfection.
27. I have two mobile phones.
28. I work almost 18 to 20 hours a day.
29. I have very sharp memory. Nothing goes unnoticed
30. I have many names. Miku (at home), DON (online - for some reason that i also dont know), Ian (Denise at work calls me with that name as i follow cricket and she admires Sir Ian Botham), Boss (my other colleagues)...
31. I like people who gives importance to TIME.
32. I love literature. Especially Gujarati Literature .
33. I am Single.
34. I dont flirt or bludge around.
35. I respect women.
36. I want to have my own business someday (Web Stellium is in process of Development).
37. I cry sometimes when lonely. And thats the best way to chuck negativity.
38. I am a spendrift. But i believe in enjoying life.
39. I hate Jainism.
40. I like Mythological characters of Lord Krishna and Arjun.
41. I am highly impressed by Chanakya.
42. I am very stubborn and hardly give any shit to those whom i dont care about.
43. I like Bourborn.
44. I miss Pune very much.
45. I have decided not to fall in love. I rather make people fall for me and i know i do.
46. I often disagree with my Dad. But i love him the most.
47. I am very close to my Mom.
48. I do Transendental Meditation these days for atleast 15 minutes a day.
49. I do Siddha Kunjika Stotram everyday. It brings perfection.
50. I dont chat with friends online more as before. I hardly have time.
51. Avani has entered like a flash and changed my life completely. Point no. 33 is not longer valid.
52. Jagdeep and Naveen has proved to be very trustworthy friends.
53. I have a dream to do something for Lunawada Nagars. Hopefully i will be able to create something to leave something for our future generations to cherish.

.... to be continued till 100 points :)


0 # Khushbu 2014-10-25 11:43
M happy u did this...now u know!!:-)
0 # Hitarth 2014-10-25 11:44
... and thanks :-)
0 # Jagdeep 2014-10-25 11:46
:sad: Kamine..! Friends k bare mein kon likhega..! Hum mar gaye hai kya..!

Anyzwz..! As far as I know him..! All 50 points are v true..!

DON jitne dangerous hai utne Utne Papaz(U forgot to write) funny hai..!

I like him as my v good and one of my best friend..!
0 # Hitarth 2014-10-25 11:47
Arey bhai likh raha hoon :evil:

Baaki ke 50 points mein :sad: tere baare mein hi likhne wala hoon :P

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